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Dell Inc. Will Be Better-Off, if Mike Dell Buys out; BOD and Advisers Opine

Boston, MA 03/07/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Dell Inc (NASDAQ: DELL) has been exploring options for buyout leading to privatization at a price that shareholders’ rejected as unfair. The company’s BOD is considering and evaluating all feasible strategic options for the company. In this regard members of a special committee consisting of independent directors of Dell Inc (NASDAQ:DELL) released their final evaluation report that votes for the sales of the company.

Following options were considered in the said report;

  • Continue as a going concern on as is where is basis,
  • Corporate reorganization followed by a modification to the current business plan,
  • “Leveraged recapitalization”
  • Change to the dividend policy and
  • Potential sale of the whole or part of the business. to layout a workable plan.

The the report concluded that buyout plan proposed by Mike Dell and Silver Lake management would be the bast workable option for stockholders. The committee also said it proactively tried to gain shareholder accord for the takeover at $13.65 a share. The price will reap about 37% premium over the 90-day average price that prevailed before the rumors of the buyout surfaced.

Over the period of last 5 months the team underwent “rigorous process” to evaluate all “risks, opportunities and strategic alternatives”, the report read. It is now committed to reap the “best outcome” for the company’s shareholders, it added.

Shares of Dell Inc (NASDAQ:DELL)  were up by 1.78% to close at $14.32.