Customers Shopping on, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) Platform Can Get Protection From Asurion Tech Unlimited, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) customers can now get Asurion Tech Unlimited protection for the tech devices they buy on the Amazon platform. The offer will give the customers a chance to have protection for all devices they buy from the platform.

Asurion will offer customers protection for new devices they buy after signing up for the offer. It will also offer it for devices bought two years before signing up. As long as users keep their subscriptions active, protection will apply.

Devices eligible for the service are game consoles, desktops, cameras, TVs, and laptops. However, mobile phones don’t qualify for protection. Asurion states that the offer comes when more people purchase their devices on Amazon. Offering them protection would give them a way to safeguard their purchases.

Freevee now has an Apple TV app

Amazon has also announced that Amazon Freevee has an Apple TV app. Although Freevee was already on Apple TV, this change gives the streaming platform an app that users can download from Apple Store.

The company is also giving grocery coupons. Amazon uses Alexa Shopping List Savings, a digital software that allows users to clip coupons they have added to their shopping list on Alexa.

Fortunately, Amazon has been clear that it uses the things you say to your smart speaker to tailor ads. This will be no different on the Amazon Shopping Lists Savings. Any offers users activate or commands they issue will be shared with company servers.

Items on sale on Amazon

Amazon also has a few items on sale. One of these is the Ninja Food SS201. This blender is a 3-in-1 device than can make dough, process and crush food. It also has many positive reviews in the online store. The item which normally goes for $100 will be $56.

The platform also has the NINJA AF101 Air Fryer on offer. This fryer usually goes for $130 but will now be $90. It is easy to use and doesn’t make a mess when you use it.

Meanwhile, BEERDS LLC has announced that its current Amazon listings have given it 125 customers in three weeks. Furthermore, orders arrived earlier than initially intended or in time. This aligns with the company’s goal to improve the experience for its customers.

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