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Crypto Facilities Announces Support For Bitcoin Cash Futures

Crypto Facilities, a U.K-based cryptocurency exchange has added Bitcoin Cash to its investment instruments.  In a statement, the company said the coin started trading on its platform on Friday. The company added that following the launch, traders can now access long as well as short futures contracts which are backed by BCH as the collateral. The new contract will now become part of the several derivatives that are currently available for trade on Crypto Facilities platform.  These include Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

This is a major milestone for Bitcoin Cash

The new addition is a major milestone and a step ahead for Bitcoin Cash, which is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.  The listing will increase the level of adoption of the USD- denominated bitcoin cash futures. The new product allows investors to bet on the direction that future bitcoin cash prices will take.  The listing will also allow investors to hedge risks in the cryptocurrency portfolios.

In a statement, Timo Schlaefer, the CEO of Crypto Facilities said they are happy that company is expanding its cryptocurrency offerings with the addition of Bitcoin Cash futures. He noted that the coin has a good market cap, which then company is expecting will help bring a revolution in the crypto market.  The listing he said will help in bringing more transparency and liquidity in the digital currency market.  With the addition of Bitcoin Cash, customers now have a wider choice of investment instruments to choose from.

According to Roger Ver, a BCH evangelist ,Bitcoin cash has been growing and expanding like wild fire and is emerging to be one of the most useful and innovate digital currency in the world.

Profluent Japan, a trading and Investment Company based in Tokyo recently announced that it is considering investing in the bitcoin cash futures market.  In a statement, the investment fund welcomed the listing of BCH derivatives on the Crypto Facilities exchange.  The company added that it has been in need of an investment instrument at a regulated cryptocurrency platform.  Bert Mouler, the CEO of Profluent Japan said they are considering Crypto Facilities because it is the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer such services.

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