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Court In France Orders, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) To Halt Delivery Of Products Outside Of Medicine, And Food Citing Poor Safety Conditions At Its Warehouses

A court in France has ordered, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) to halt the delivery of all products outside medicines, food, and hygienic categories citing poor safety conditions at Amazon’s warehouses. As a result, Amazon will temporarily suspend the delivery in France for five days. The court ruling comes after the workers filed a complaint because the e-commerce giant endangers their lives.

The labor officials unconvinced of Amazon’s safety measures

Amazon failed to convince the labor officials in France on the safety measures taken to protect its employees from the deadly coronavirus. During a surprise check early this month, the labor officials do not find even masks and sanitizers at the warehouses of Amazon in France. According to labor officials, the company has not implemented adequate measures to maintain social distancing.

Amazon to pay a fine of $1 million daily for non-compliance

As per the court ruling, Amazon has to stop all the deliveries, which are not complying with the restrictions by Wednesday. Amazon is liable to pay a fine of $1 million daily for non-compliance. In a communiqué, Amazon said it has invested heavily to maintain hygienic conditions and safeguard the health of its employees. It has observed vague words in the court ruling and decided to close down its facility than paying hefty fines.

The shutdown at Amazon warehouses in France will continue for five days. As a result, the company will pay the salary for 10,000 employees, who work at six affected centers in the nation. Amazon needs to review the occupational risks at its logistics chain because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sibeth Ndiaye, a spokesperson of the French government said the government pays attention to its citizens, who are working during health emergencies. Employees need to ensure sanitary measures are in place at their workplace.

Rolls out temperature checks under pressure from lawmakers

Until March 2020, Amazon has not implemented safety measures at its workplace. The company rolled the use of surgical masks and temperature checks under the pressure of lawmakers at its warehouses in Europe and the US. More than seventy workers at the sites of Amazon in the US have tested positive as of Tuesday.

Published by Christine Lawrence

Christine Lawrence is a financial analyst. She loves analyzing socioeconomic trends in the background of financial moves. She has overall seven years of experience in Auditing, Finance and Writing.

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