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Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc (NYSEMKT:CVRS) Makes Public A Broadcast By The Fu Wai Hospital In China, Sources Outline

Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc (NYSEMKT:CVRS),which happens to be one of the top and trusted developers of the precision vascular robotics, has come forward to make the announcement about an earlier performance and broadcast by the Fu Wai Hospital in China.

It is said that it had moved forward to actually air live a PCI procedure using the CorPath GRX System a total of about 4,000 attendees at the 22nd annual TCT Asia-Pacific Cardiovascular Summit, something that has left behind a number of unanswered questions.

This conference, which is known to take place every year in Seoul, South Korea, is believed to draw attendees from about 44 countries, with a large number from the Asia-Pacific region. Fu Wai Hospital is definitely one of the largest hospitals in China specializing in research, treatment as well as the prevention of hypertension and the cardiovascular diseases among others. China has been rated as the second largest PCI market globally going by a recent research.

The Co-Founder, who is at the same time the Executive Vice President for International & Business Development, Tal Wenderow in a statement said, “The Asia-Pacific region represents a variety of markets that are strategically important as we continue to grow our business internationally. We are encouraged by the positive feedback we have received from physicians in response to both live cases regarding the capability and potential for robotics in the region.”

The top company in the recent past has held numerous meetings where it has been discussing developmental issues that will help steer the company towards the right direction in terms of business success and customer satisfaction. With the already laid out strategies, the future seems bright for the company as well as its investors.

The Corindus Chief Medical Officer, J. Aaron Grantham in a statement revealed, “Having been involved in the first live case and on the panel for the second, I am impressed with the speed with which Dr. Dou and his team mastered the CorPath technology. The discussion around the precision capabilities, applicability of robotics in complex PCI, and the vision of where the technology can go has spurred tremendous interest in the interventional community,”

Business dynamics play an important role towards ensuring the success of any top provider. The various steps the company has been taking recently will move quite a long way towards ensuring that great success is achieved.

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