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Contract Win Gives Implant Sciences an 8% Boost (IMSC)

Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC), a company that focuses on the development of sophisticated security systems and sensors, saw its stock rise $0.12 today on the heels of its announcement of a contract win. It had sold 11 units of its top-selling product, the Quantum Sniffer QS-H150, to bomb squads and police departments throughout China. The Quantum Sniffer QS-H150 is a handheld explosives detector used to prevent terrorist attacks. The company has been selling explosives detection equipment to China since 2005.

Just two days ago, Implant Sciences was excited to announce that a news story aired on a Boston television station touted the company as a “company on the front lines of airport security.” The company sells its products primarily to those in the aviation, cargo, law enforcement, immigration and customs industries.

A day earlier, on July 23, 2012, Implant Sciences announced a new distributor to help market the company’s new QS-B220 device. The distributor, based in Switzerland, is the company’s first distributor in that country. The QS-B220 is a desktop drugs and explosives trace detector that is in the process of certification by the United States Transportation Security Administration to be used for air cargo screening. The QS-B220 was introduced last year and is already being used in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Implant Sciences had a lot of company activity this week, which led to a huge increase in stock activity. The company has been experiencing uphill activity since July 18, 2012, when the stock price closed at $1.13. The stock has seen a 40% gain since then. It closed at $1.47 last night and opened the day today at $1.48. It experienced a range of $1.42 to $1.61 before closing at a respectable $1.59, netting a $0.12, or 8.2%, increase. The stock is inching even closer to the 52-week high of $1.72, which was attained on June 28, 2012. It is still a far cry from the 52-week low of $0.4250 posted October 10, 2011.

Volume was slightly above average. Volume for today exceeded 365,000 shares, compared the daily average volume of 269,720 shares. Volume reached its peak just two weeks ago, on July 10, 2012, when more than 1.45 million shares were traded. Trading was also hot last month, when volume exceeded the one-million mark on three days.

Implant Sciences has not seen any penny stock newsletter promotions since 2010. It has been on a roll for a week now, so maybe investors will start to take notice, especially as the stock continues approaching its peak.

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