Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) Collaborates With Colorado Rockies To Spice Up Matters At The Ballpark

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) has moved into a new business collaboration with the Colorado Rockies. Comcast business has exuded confidence in its capacity to ensure that fans enjoy a great and memorable time at the ballpark. The company plans to offer outstanding SD-WAN solutions and high-bandwidth connectivity.

The partnership’s target

The new partnership wants to push for a more exciting 2021 season, in which fans are expected to enjoy an outstanding digital gameday. Comcast Business discloses that it will implement its plan to equip Coors Field with stable network infrastructure to ensure a great experience.

It will be about empowering the front office workers in such a way that they offer visitors the best experience. In other words, the visitors will have an easy time accessing their tickets and ordering food. Sources indicate that these visitors will conduct all operations through cashless payment options and mobile devices.

The Colorado Rockies have, over the years, regarding the Coors Field as their home.

The stadiums spread out across the country remain at the frontline in the implementation of top-notch digital innovations. Sources indicate the organization’s commitment to overhauling the existing technology network. The organization wants to channel efforts and resources to put a technology network to serve all the Rockies fans with great experiences at the field.

The Rockies checked out several technology providers before settling down on the Comcast business. Comcast business has worked on its business development over the years and currently stands out as a trusted service provider in Ethernet Dedicated Internet connections. It has also been doing quite well with its SD-WAN solutions.

Bush speaks out

The Senior Director for Information Systems at the Colorado Rockies, Michael Bush, discloses details about their commitment to delivering an outstanding gameday experience. The official defines their success as the act of everything running successfully.

In other words, Bush looks forward to a day where the ballpark app will be functioning t its best and the internet in its best state. The official also anticipates a day where phones will be working in the best way possible. He applauds Comcast’s business, terming it a valuable technology partner committed to helping its company reach its leading service goals.

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