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One of the most popular crypto price trackers, (CMC), has proceeded to unveil an IOS app and it did that today as a way to celebrate its 5th birthday. At this point in time, it stands at the 175th position in terms of the rankings globally for the most heavily trafficked sites.

Recent progress

The details came out from the data from Alexa and it is worth noting that the site has been experiencing stratospheric growth. That is in close reference to the fact that in the course of this particular year it was able to witness about 60 million unique visits, an accomplishment that has been praised by quite a significant number of market observers.

An official working with (CMC) while moving out of a business conference that was held recently spoke to several news reporters. He told them that way back in 2013 they managed to unveil their CoinMarketCap. He said that at the moment they were focused on tracking about seven cryptocurrencies and a handful of exchanges. With the passage of time the numbers rose by quite a significant margin.

Implemented changes

The site’s just-launched app for IOS according to a person conversant with the latest developments outlined that it was making it possible for the large number of users to proceed and sort 24h price or percentage change, live data by coin market capitalization ranking and above all other parameters offered on the site.

Asides from the app, CMC’s main website today showcased a sort of rebranding that pulled along with a redesigned interface, logo as well as an upgraded public API. CoinMarketCap has over time been utilizing data emanating from the large number of crypto exchanges around the globe that resulted in the production of averaged trading prices for cryptocurrencies. It was in January that the site in a controversial way resorted to pull out South Korean exchanges from its listings.

The spokesperson of (CMC) has said that they are quite happy about the fact that they have been able to make it through business intricacies to get to the where they are at the moment. He looks forward to an even brighter future ahead.

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