Blockchain technology is bringing fundamental shifts in the gaming industry. Developers are now designing and launching their products on the network. Cocos-BCX games developer takes the best of the Cocos2d-x team. Interestingly, this is the team behind the famed Angry Birds. Given the success they had on the 2D platform, Cocos-BCX has bigger potential.

Based in Beijing, the startup is looking to develop future games on the blockchain network. To this end, they raised $40 million from funders and other investors. Notable among the investors are Binance Labs and NEO Global Capital. According to a Sept. 13, 2018 press release, the funds will facilitate development of a new gaming platform.

Cocos-BCX games developer on a mission

Further, the release details that the capital will help the company grow its expansion drive. Due to the funds, there already extra office spaces in place. According to, the company already has offices in Beijing, San Francisco, Tokyo and Seoul.

As per the press release, there is already an existing demo platform launched in March, 2018. The company reveals that the demo contains “in-game item generation, transfer and offline storage.” As a demonstration of the will behind success of the platform, the company has more staff.

Per the release, Cocos-BCX games developer entered more strategic partnerships. The intention is to facilitate a smooth transition from the experimental stage to real-world launching. Presently, the team boasts working relations with Loom, Ontology, Nebulas, and Cell Evolution.

Gaming goes blockchain

Commenting on the developments, Haozhi Chen, founder of Cocos-BCX says:

“Gaming has always been in our DNA, so we have a deep understanding of what the game developer community needs in order to succeed with blockchain. More importantly, we understand what type of development environment is most effective across all blockchain platforms and operating systems. With this new injection of capital, we will push the blockchain gaming industry forward and focus on penetrating the market faster than anyone else in this space.”

Clearly, the future of gaming is blockchain. Recently, CryptoCoin reporter revealed plans by PlayUp to offer betting offers via blockchain platform. The sports betting platform introduced PlayUp Bet which offers bets in cryptocurrency. Users will be able to place and redeem bets via the PlayChip blockchain platform. Interestingly, the users will place and redeem bets using a native token.

Industry analysts believe the blockchain trend will go on as more developers come on board. The blockchain technology offers a lot of benefits in terms of efficiency and earnings.