Clubhouse Media (CMGR) is Bringing AI to Social Media: What it Means

Social media has been called “Web 2.0”. It’s the most powerful possible manifestation of the notion of “many to many communication”.

That, of course, stands in contrast to “one to one communication” (a phone call), “one to many communication” (a podcast), and “many to one communication” (a vote, or feedback), which have all been around for a long time. “Many to many communication” has been mostly impossible until recently, and it has quickly taken up roost already as the dominant form of human interaction.

And that status may be tough to challenge for a long time to come.

The consequences are defining for human culture. This has major implications, above all, for marketing and branding, where social media has rocketed to prominence as perhaps the only game in town.

For example, according to a new report out this year from, more than half of the world’s population now uses social platforms on the internet. Furthermore, the younger users – the Millennials and Zoomers – are more likely than other groups to make consumer decisions based on research that includes social networks.

More to the point, nearly 50% of all consumers aged 26-34 years old research products online via social networks before making purchase decisions.

That’s basically game over for any other medium when it comes to brand-building and marketing.


Clubhouse Media’s Access to the World

Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) is now, perhaps, the most dominant pure social media marketing force in the world – in terms of publicly traded companies. There are individual influencers – Ronaldo, Ariana, Selena, Bieber, The Rock, etc – who individually have more clout.

But that list is awfully short.

CMGR has a social media reach nearing 300 million people. But that isn’t listed anywhere in its financials. That’s an important point, in and of itself. However, that’s not our point… at least, not yet.

That reach is also growing at a rapid rate. Six months ago, it was less than half that level. Six months from now, who’s to say?

Could the company reach a billion social media users with a single message about its brand or someone else’s through a marketing agreement? If so, what would that be worth? Especially, when considered as an iterative idea?

Now, consider this: of those most dominant players in the most dominant game, which of them is developing, acquiring, and/or deploying next-gen technology tools to maximize the value of that reach?

The answer isn’t even close: CMGR is only such entity right now.


Clubhouse Media’s Access to Disruptive Tech Solutions

The company bolstered its chops in this domain with its acquisition of west-coast startup, Magiclytics, earlier this year.

According to the company’s most recent release, Magiclytics is now live and had signed its first client: Pink and Blue Co, a California-based online jewelry and fine goods company focused on commemorative pieces related to childbirth.

According to the release, as a primary feature of this client relationship, Magiclytics will provide Pink and Blue with an understanding of the historical performance of its previous influencer campaigns on Instagram.

It will also deploy its proprietary AI-driven predictive analytics technology to identify and match Pink and Blue with the right influencers to use in future campaigns and generate predictions about the performance of future influencer campaigns down to an exact dollar amount forecast.

“Pink and Blue offers an excellent case study example of how Magiclytics can provide deep and disruptive value in the social media marketing space,” commented Wilfred Man, Founder and CEO of Magiclytics. “The Pink and Blue team knows how to produce amazing fine goods for their niche consumer, and they know influencer-based marketing is the best way to build their brand. But they have previously lacked visibility in trying to implement influencer-based marketing strategies – like driving in an unfamiliar area with no GPS or map. Magiclytics has proprietary analytics that can offer unique guidance and intelligence in that process, including how much response to expect and how to maximize it. We look forward to helping Pink and Blue find breakthrough success.”


Clubhouse Media’s Access to the 21st Century

This acquisition for Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) isn’t its only display of access to the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem, which has been at the foundation of the world’s only trillion-dollar companies.

CMGR has also recently firmed up its access to the prolific San-Jose-to-San-Francisco stretch through its on-boarding of Andrew Omori, partner at renowned venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (, as a key member of the company’s official Advisory Board.

It should be noted that Andreessen Horowitz is well known for leading investments in hit social audio app, Clubhouse, as well as Airbnb and Coinbase.

“a16z” is already known as one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent and successful venture capital firms, with $17.6 billion in assets under management. Prior to joining a16z, Andrew served as a VP at JMP Group and as a successful technology investment banker. Andrew has dedicated his career to helping technology companies scale and has worked with a variety of social companies including Snap, Pinterest, Roblox, and the Clubhouse app. His current firm, a16z, was founded by tech titans Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape) and Ben Horowitz (best-selling author and founder of Opsware).

As an early-stage investor in Facebook, Instagram, Lyft, Slack, Oculus VR, Roblox, and many other successful breakthrough technology companies, a16z has developed a reputation for spotting core trends in their early stages and identifying landmark opportunities ahead of the crowd. The firm has also been a significant investor in pre-IPO fintech unicorn, Robinhood.

As is so often the case, it’s about who you know.


The New World Awaits

As noted above, CMGR has a massively dominant positioning now in the social media world in terms of reach, and appears to be a rare example of a company with strong reach partnering with Silicon Valley to maximize the impact of that reach.

Is this reach, or its potential, reflected in a single line item of CMGR’s balance sheet or income statement? Clearly not. Is it of value? Clearly so.

Hence, this is a difficult company to value through traditional means. However, we would suggest that any new paradigm of business will offer up some opportunities that are difficult to value according to the terms and standards of the prior world. Often, these are some of the most interesting and potentially valuable opportunities precisely because they are not easy for the market to efficiently price.

Will CMGR be such an example? The future will tell all. But it’s at least serious consideration.

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