CLNV Under the Radar Preeminent Global Leader in New Green Energy Niche

If you haven’t heard of Clean Vision Corp. (OTC US:CLNV) yet, we would encourage you to take a deep-dive look at the company because it may be an interesting long-term growth opportunity on the verge of making waves in the alternative energy space.

The thesis here ties into the narrative around the shift away from fossil fuels, which has been foreseeable for the past decade. During that period, investments in the development of new fossil fuel production capacity have understandably tapered given the lack of any clear basis for confidence in the long-term payoff for such investments.

Given the long runway to ramp up new fossil fuel production capacity, we may already be committed to a path that creates an energy supply crisis in the years ahead as sustainable sources like solar and wind fail to fill in the gap and nuclear power expansion suffers from a lack of political support in time to make up the difference.

The net result could be a steep premium in fossil fuel prices as supply is crippled by the structural shortfall in the development of new capacity.

Without a “lightning bolt from the blue” involving some dramatic new breakthroughs in nuclear fusion technology well ahead of current projections, investors may need to prepare for a cliff without a bridge for a period of time.

Alternatives to Alternatives

One interesting strategy that could benefit is new technologies for producing oil and gas supply from non-traditional sources.

An example of such a source is the collection of waste plastic and its subsequent conversion into oil through pyrolysis—a thermal decomposition process that converts organic materials into carbonaceous solid, liquid, and gaseous products. It is a thermochemical decomposition of organic matter that occurs in the absence of oxygen at elevated temperatures.

Pyrolysis is a versatile process that can be used to convert a wide variety of organic materials into valuable products. It can be used to convert biomass, such as wood, agricultural waste, and municipal solid waste, into biofuels, such as bio-oil, biogas, and syngas. It can also be used to convert plastics into pyrolysis oil, which can be used as a fuel or as a feedstock for other chemical processes.

Pyrolysis is a clean and efficient process that does not produce greenhouse gases. It is a promising technology for the production of renewable energy and chemicals. And a huge advantage of waste plastic pyrolysis conversion as a source of energy is that its fundamental byproduct is the elimination of waste plastic in the environment.

All plastic made since at least the 1960’s continues to sit and fester—plaguing our oceans, landfills, and natural environments all around the world. And the problem is building with no end in sight. That, in itself, is a crisis.

So, in essence, there are two crises: a coming energy supply crisis, and a very present and growing “waste plastic plague” crisis. Energy production through waste plastic pyrolysis is at least a partial cure for both.

Which brings us back to CLNV, which appears poised to establish itself as perhaps the preeminent emerging leader on the verge of operating at unprecedented scale in this nascent marketplace.

Ramping Up

CLNV is ramping up fast. The company has a scalable model and an expanding global footprint starting to take shape and vault its Clean-Seas subsidiary into the pole position in the waste plastic pyrolysis space.

Its most recent move was announced this week when the company alerted investors to the completion of a 51% acquisition of Ecosynergie Group, a company focused on sustainable products and solutions based in Agadir, Morocco.

According to the company’s release, the completion of the transaction has resulted in the redesignation of Ecosynergie Group as “Clean-Seas Morocco, LLC”, which is now expected to be able to process 120 tons per day (TPD) of pyrolysis waste-plastic at its Agadir facility beginning in October 2023. Clean-Seas Morocco will serve as a Plastic Conversion Network (“PCN”) hub focused on the collection of waste plastic sourced from North Africa and the European Union and its conversion into a sustainable green energy source.

“We are thrilled to have completed our acquisition of a majority interest in Ecosynergie Group,” said Clean Vision Chief Revenue Officer, Daniel Harris. “This is a significant milestone for Clean-Seas as we continue to scale up our global footprint. The acquisition will enable us to significantly expand operations in North Africa-a critical and strategically important geographic zone for waste plastic collection and conversion.”

The company’s most recent release gives us a clear sense of the timeline for scaling up. Clean-Seas Morocco is expected to operate with a processing capacity of 20 TPD by the end of the second quarter of 2023. Clean-Seas Morocco’s first 10-TPD unit produced approximately 60,000 Kg per month (60 Metric Tonnes) and over $25,000 in revenue in January and February 2023. Management expects production to double in May, with the second 10-TPD unit to begin operation in the coming weeks. As of the date of this press release, waste plastic feedstock used by Clean-Seas Morocco has been sourced from the local area.

As noted, following the completion of this transaction, Clean-Seas Morocco acquired two new 50-TPD units which are expected to expand its capacity to 70 TPD by June 2023 and 120 TPD by September 2023. The company expects that Clean-Seas Morocco’s capacity to further scale up to 500 TPD over the next 2-3 years.

“We are excited to join forces with Clean-Seas and become part of the Clean Vision family,” said Mohammed El Abassi of Ecosynergie Group. “Together, we will create a sustainable future and make a positive impact on the environment. We look forward to working with Clean-Seas to establish Clean-Seas Morocco as the PCN hub in North Africa.”

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