CLNV is Quietly Amassing a Huge Edge in the Clean Energy Space

We live in a world increasingly defined by two competing pressures – the pressure to power the global economy and the pressure to abandon carbon-based energy sources.

These two ideas are at complete odds with one another for the foreseeable future: we have rampantly underinvested in fossil fuels over the past 15-20 years. The math just doesn’t work out for big capital.

Put another way, the only way you are going to spend a few billion dollars developing a major oil deposit for production over 5 years is if you feel extremely confident that you will be able to reap the fruit of that investment for decades to come.

But with regulatory pressure, ESG controls, and a coming sunset for carbon-based energies, no one can feel ‘extremely confident’ about that outcome at all.

That speaks to a coming energy shortage as alternative energy sources fail to fill the growing gaps left by output declines in fossil fuels as the hole in investment casts its shadow.

At the same time, carbon-emission-driven climate change is a very real phenomenon. And if we want to continue to live here, we are going to need dramatically overhaul how we power this world.


Enter Clean-Seas

Clean Vision Corp. (OTC US:CLNV) is Clean-Seas for all intents and purposes when evaluating the growth investment potential.

Clean-Seas engages in pyrolysis waste-plastic conversion technology – it takes plastics out of the environment and turns them into a range of useful substances in the energy industry.

And the key to this story is all about scale – the path for waste plastic as a major source of energy over coming decades is established. But no one has put together the infrastructure to monetize that thesis until CLNV.

In a manner of speaking, CLNV is uniquely positioned to potentially win a winner-take-all game where no one is looking. But someone needs to do it: Every year, 11 million tons of plastic end up in our seas.

Clean-Seas takes that need and turns it into an opportunity, producing energy and Environmental Sustainability in one fell swoop.


Ramping Up

Clean Vision Corp. (OTC US:CLNV) recently announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Clean-Seas, entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 51 percent (51%) of Agadir, Morocco-based Ecosynergie Group. The Agreement follows the companies’ execution of a binding term sheet to jointly develop a commercial scale pyrolysis facility that was previously announced on April 4, 2022.

The deal stands to set up Clean-Seas with a new operation in Morocco turning waste plastic into valuable energy goods.

Among those outputs will be CLNV’s proprietary AquaH™ clean hydrogen fuel.

Commenting on the transaction, Mohammed El Abbassi, ESG Director and General Manager, said, “Our team believes this transaction is a big win for Morocco and for everyone involved. Combined with the Clean-Seas team and its capital commitment, we anticipate having the resources needed to reduce waste-plastic economically and profitably, while creating jobs and producing clean fuels to help offset higher energy prices.”

CLNV CRO, Dan Harris, added, “This transaction is a terrific start to 2023, and we couldn’t be happier with our partners in Morocco. Everyone involved with this project is committed to its success, not just financially but for the positive impact it will have on the environment and the local community.”

This development helps to back up the company’s vision and strategic plan with a nice sheen of credibility. This is a foundation for driving its capacity significantly higher.

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