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Clinton Speaks Out Regarding Possibilities Of Blockchain

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Bill Clinton was one of the dignitaries that were invited at the annual Swell conference that was conducted in San Francisco. Numerous perspectives were expressed by the leaders during this Ripple’s conference. However, the most outstanding remarks emanated from former U.S. President.

Clinton opined, “Permutations and possibilities of blockchain technology are staggeringly great.”

The turn of events

Gene Sperling will be remembered by many for being one of the most trusted economic advisors to the U.S leader during his office tenure. The official served from 1996-2001.Clinton spent quite some time with the official discussing important issues.

They discussed the current foreign policies and what they entailed. The cultural issues in countries around the globe and their impact on blockchain and cryptocurrency banking and investments were discussed.

The former President spoke rather elaborately regarding disruptive technologies such as blockchain. He acknowledged them as he called upon investors to consider venturing into sector. Clinton spoke in relation to the latest polarized political cultures in Europe and the U.S at large. He also brought into context the most recent technological advancements sweeping across the globe.

Clinton’s perspective

Clinton called upon all the countries to shift their negative approach to politics. According to him, the negative identity politics were the surest way to ruin everything. Asides from that, the leader also pointed out to negative social and economic policies.

It was in 2016 that this leader attended a conference in Washington, D.C. It was in the conference that Matthew Rosz who was a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist gave Clinton his first Bitcoin.

Those in attendance did not expect that the wife of former president Hillary Clinton would decline to receive BTC donations. Hillary rejected them for her presidential campaigns, a matter that resulted in a lot of speculations.

U.S. regulators want the responsible parties to do the right thing. They stand or the establishment of more regulatory clarity within the cryptocurrency segment.

It was in the previous week that lawmakers from the U.S Congress got in touch with Jay Clayton. The official  is the current Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The lawmakers launched their concerns through a letter.

They hope that after receiving the letter the official will serve them with clear guidelines. They want to know exactly how the body plans to regulate digital currency.

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