Chinese Crackdown on Didi Global Inc (NYSE: DIDI) Is All About Big Data

After Chinese regulators’ shock cybersecurity inquiry into Didi Global Inc (NYSE: DIDI), Social media users in the country have furiously passed around a 2015 story on the Uber-like app that revealed what might be alarming President Xi Jinping.

The Case

Screenshots circulated of the report related to Didi revealed how bureaucrats used Didi’s services in China. The report mentioned that traffic at the Ministry of Public Security was very busy, while the country’s anti-corruption agency was comparatively quiet.

To make the government more productive & efficient, Big Data has a significant role to play in the country. However, nothing has been done in the past six years. The risk of outside parties & foreign spies could gather valuable data from Didi’s database. China’s prominent officials are concerned about data security.

The Fight

In the United States, Didi was listed just when Xi was looking for options to control the vast reams of data held by the country’s tech giants. So the country aiming to improve the data security notified the respective regulators to securitize the companies. As a result, Didi was banned from signing up new users. 

Reshaping the World’s Economy

The crackdown conducted by the Chinese regulators on the major firms, including Didi, showed how much the country is concerned about data security. Big data that is swiftly turning into a major battleground among the superpowers would reshape the world’s economy for the upcoming years. 

With the United States joining hands with other nations to ensure that China does not obtain Avant-grade technologies like advanced computer chips, Xi is drafting state-of-the-art projects to develop them. 

The Data

Neither China nor the United States wants to fall prey to data thefts. However, to ensure data security, both countries need to push technological superiority. Tom Nunlist, a policy analyst, said that China would give more importance to data security concerns. 

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