Chelsea Handler claims she thought sun and moon were same thing until she turned 40

Comedian Chelsea Handler claimed last Thursday that she thought the sun and moon were the same object until a few years ago.

Handler appeared on a mid-January episode of “The Tonight Show” to talk about her most recent comedy special, “Revolution,” which premiered on Netflix in late December.

After being asked to share one of her humorous stories from her special, Handler began be explaining how she rationalizes her choice to not have a family.

“I’m very outspoken about not wanting to be a parent because I don’t think I have the skills. I’m not equipped with what it takes to answer all of those questions to children,” she said. “Because they don’t just ask you once-they come in, and in, and in, I have enough nieces and nephews to know that I don’t have a tolerance for that kind of line of questioning about things that I really don’t even know the answers to.”


“At a certain age, when you don’t know answers to questions, it’s too embarrassing to ask questions, you just have to pretend you know,” she added. “And I talk about a story that I didn’t know — and this is true, I didn’t know until I was 40 years old that the sun and the moon were not the same thing.”


Handler claimed she learned this fact when she was on an elephant ride with her sister in Africa, and her sister pointed out the novelty of seeing the sun and moon being seen in the sky at the time. 

“I’m like ‘wait, but they’re always together-and as soon as I said that, she turned around, and she goes, ‘what did you say?’ I was like, ‘oh, shut up, shut up, shut up.’ I was like, I knew what I said I was wrong,” Handler recounted. 

She confessed to her sister, “I just assumed when the sun went down, it popped back up as the moon,’ you know?”

Fallon quipped it was as if the sun, “did a little costume change.”

Handler responded that even the non-English speaking man who was driving the elephant scoffed at her lack of basic knowledge as an example of “another dumb American.”

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