Charles more in tune with British people than any monarch in history: Steve Hilton

The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton on Saturday praised the monarchy and King Charles III’s resilience in the era of “massive” public scrutiny. Hilton said he worked with Charles’ “The Prince’s Trust” organization and said he thinks Charles is “in touch” with the people. 

Speaking of the coronation, he insisted, “The resilience of both the monarchy and Charles himself and, of course, Camilla, I think that is the real story today.” 


STEVE HILTON: It’s great to be with you on such an amazing day. And as I watch it all, there are two things that really strike me. First of all, it’s just the incredible resilience of the monarchy, as you’ve been discussing, both in the years running up to the death of Queen Elizabeth and in the immediate aftermath, there was a lot of speculation about whether the monarchy would be able to survive and make it through and whether the whole debate about whether to have a monarchy would be opened up in an official formal way. That’s completely gone. There’s no sign of that, as Piers was saying earlier. Yes, there are some protesters here and there, and that’s to be expected and welcomed in an open society. But there’s no move to get rid of the monarchy. It’s an incredibly resilient institution, and we’re seeing that today. But the second thing is actually the resilience of Charles himself as an individual, as a human being. 

If you think about what he’s been through over the years and, of course, Camilla, as Piers was just saying, absolutely extraordinary, being in this role in the era of massive public scrutiny in a way that Queen Elizabeth, the young Queen Elizabeth, never had. It’s just extraordinary to see him come through all that and stand there today with his queen in this dignified manner with so much support from the public, despite everything that’s happened over the years. And actually, I think one thing that’s been underestimated about him is the fact that through all those years of waiting, he did his job with incredible diligence. He worked incredibly hard. I worked over the years with his amazing organization, The Prince’s Trust, absolutely stunning organization, the lives that it’s transformed. He is actually in touch with the people through the work he’s done over the years, probably more than any monarch in British history. And so the resilience of both the monarchy and Charles himself and, of course, Camilla, I think that is the real story today, Although I got to say, watching you all there, the big question for me, I think the burning question is really directed at Ainsley. You remember we were together covering the marriage of Harry and Meghan. And the really big question, Ainsley, is whether Piers is going to take you to a better pub than the one I took you to a few years ago. 

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