NeoMedia Technologies Gains While Social Media Giant Facebook’s Woes Continue (NEOM)

The Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) IPO has clearly been labeled the second worst performing IPO after the lock-up. This is while penny stocks such as NeoMedia Technologies (OTC: NEOM) perform well even though the stock price of these companies has been reduced. Over-the-counter stocks have always been viewed with distrust by investors owing to their volatility. […]

Defense Department Tells Defense Contractors “No More Counterfeit Chips, You Make Enough Money” (APDN)

There are times when a company is absolutely gifted a bucket full of money by the government. Applied DNA Sciences (OTC: APDN) can add its name to that list today. In addition to the massive expected increases in the company’s revenue stream, the company’s stock shot up $0.04 to an all-time high of $0.11, closing […]

Recent Sales to Assist in Fukushima Cleanup Lead to Stock Meltdown? (VLNX)

Few things can equal the tragedy of the Japanese tsunami of March 2011, and a stock’s performance is certainly not one of them. However, holders of Vision Plasma Systems’ (OTC: VLNX) stock might argue today as investors were sent reeling while watching the stock drop nearly 90%. Just as Chelsea was able to overcome Barcelona […]

Quantum Rallies After Hiring Consultant for Deals in China (QUAN)

The stock of Quantum International (OTC: QUAN) staged a respectable rally today, following the announcement of the company’s move of hiring a consultant to help facilitate deals in China. Opening at just $0.865 per share, Quantum rose quickly and steadily before noon, hitting an intraday high of $1.20. Quantum eventually closed today’s trading session at […]

Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup, the Gopher, and Investors Love TapIn (MDMC)

Golf, quite simply, is a massive industry. Conservatively speaking, 40 million people in the United States alone play somewhere in the (rather large and reasonably posh) neighborhood of half a billion rounds annually. The industry is often undervalued at $20 billion in green fees and membership dues alone. Marine Drive Mobile (OTC: MDMC), a company that […]

Corporate Update Shines A light On DiMi Telematics International (DIMI)

In a press release today, DiMi Telematics International (OTC: DIMI) issued a corporate update. The company covered four topics that dealt with the development of DiMi 4.0 Technology, a national brand awareness campaign, the Green Genie acquisition, and factors for future success. According to the release, the company is making good progress toward the development […]

Sustainability in 1920’s Atlanta Meets Miami Vice and Vagueries? (SEFE)

Queue Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”, or don’t. That seminal piece of music that helped “The Sting” win 1973’s Academy Award for Best Picture is back. Everybody likes a good scam put to music. Perhaps it is not a scam. Perhaps it is the most innovative company on the planet on the cusp of a breakthrough. […]

NanoTech Entertainment Drops Further Despite Releasing First TV Show (NTEK)

The stock of NanoTech Entertainment dropped further in today’s trading session, despite the company’s recent positive news of releasing the first NanoTech-branded TV show. NanoTech Entertainment dropped 2.5% and closed today’s trading session at a share price of $0.0078. Volume of the stock traded below its daily average at 317,390 shares. NanoTech Entertainment has not […]

Bob Flaherty Lashes Out at Naked Bear Raiders (DIMI)

Bob Flaherty, Editor of Flaherty Financial News, is a legend in his hate of unscrupulous bear traders. As a former Senior Editor of Forbes, only one man has written more cover stories. His credentials are nothing short of illustrious. Flaherty graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College with a degree in economics and also has […]

COWABUNGA!!! AT&T to Acquire NextWave, Little Ripple Turns into a Tsunami (WAVE)

On an average day, or at least an average day in the last three months, NextWave Wireless (OTC: WAVE) constitutes nothing more than a ripple of trading at around 8,000 shares. Today saw NextWave, and its massive debt of over half a billion dollars, trade 36 shares shy of 1.5 million on AT&T’s announcement that […]