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TagLikeMe Developing New User Interface and iOS/iPad Versions (TAGG)

The development team at TagLikeMe (OTC: TAGG) is working on new changes to its interface in the mobile versions as well as development of iOS/iPad versions of the social search and sharing site The new interface version, due to be released sometime soon, will be version 4.0 of TagLikeMe’s online presence. This new version […]

Implant Sciences Dispatches Explosives Trace Detectors to the Arabian Gulf and Japan (IMSC)

Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC), which is known for being a critical supplier of systems and sensors like trace detectors to the oil & gas and defense industries, has just announced the shipment of explosives trace detectors to the Arabian Gulf to safeguard a petroleum facility, as well as to Japan to help protect a nuclear […]

Mimvi Jumps Into the Ring With the Big Boys (MIMV)

This week, Mimvi Incorporated (OTC: MIMV) announced it had finalized a partnership with Microsoft (NADAQ: MSFT) to provide products and services to complement the giant’s Windows Azure and Windows Mobile 8 platforms. In essence, the deal represents a counter-punch thrown by Microsoft to answer a deal in which arch-rival Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) acquired Chomp for $50 […]

Implant Sciences Announces Appointment of Sales Manager to Boost Growth in Air Cargo Market (IMSC)

Supplier of advanced technology sensors and systems, Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC), has just announced a change in management with the appointment of former Rapiscan Sales Manager, Ms. Nav Mosey, to the post of U.S. Air Cargo Sales Manager in an effort to boost the company’s growth in the air cargo market. The company is well […]

Did A Denial Send Chimera Energy Reeling? (CHMR)

A lot of noise has been made lately over the process of hydraulic shale oil extraction, known as fracking, with environmentalists waging a campaign to ban or greatly restrict the method over concerns of groundwater pollution. In late July, Chimera Energy (OTC: CHMR) unveiled an extraction technology that does not use water, potentially allaying the […]

Save the World Air Announces Results of Shareholder Meeting (ZERO)

The annual shareholder’s meeting for Save the World Air (OTC: ZERO) has successfully taken place on September 21, 2012. The company has just released the minutes of the meeting as well as the results of the shareholder’s decisions taken on the day. The company is fast becoming an industry leader in the field of developing applicable solutions […]

Implant Sciences Buoyant in Anticipation of Successful Contraband Detector Testing (IMSC)

Expectation of acceptance from the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) for the Quantum Sniffer QS-B220, the desktop explosives and narcotics trace detector, kept traders rushing to the counters of Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC) as soon as the market opened, resulting in a 7% gain in the share price within the first two hours of the trading. […]

Augme Technologies Unveils Restructuring Plan, Now What? (AUGT)

What comes after the restructuring? A good question that traders in Augme Technologies (OTC: AUGT) will want to have some answers for. On Friday morning, interim CEO Robert Hussey unveiled plans to make the company leaner while maintaining the goal of protecting strategic assets. According to Hussey, Augme Technologies will work to minimize its cash […]

CopyTele Gains on Narrowed Third-Quarter Loss (COPY)

The developer of thin flat displays and encryption products, CopyTele (OTC: COPY), reported a third-quarter net loss that narrowed in comparison to the previous two successive quarters, owing to considerably lower administrative and research & development expenses. From a low of $0.07 per share in the month of August 2012, the stock has risen over […]

Applied DNA Sciences and the Textile Center of Excellence Roll Out New Anti-Counterfeiting Platform (APDN)

Applied DNA Sciences (OTC: APDN) and The Textile Center of Excellence at Huddersfield, United Kingdom, have come together to release a new platform that is aimed at providing protection to textile brands that have been suffering from malicious acts of counterfeiting. Applied DNA Sciences is an old hand at developing anti-counterfeiting technology that has a […]

Revamped Brand Strategy for Electroluminescent Lighting Makes Oryon Technologies Glow (ORYN)

Following the announcement of a fresh brand strategy to capitalize on the growing interest for the flexible, crushable, water resistant and wearable lighting technology product named Elastolite, shares of Oryon Technologies (OTC: ORYN) surged by over 12% in the first hour of trading on renewed buying interest. The Texas-based Elastolite manufacturer commercialized electroluminescent lighting technology […]

Successful Third Party Testing of IBA Green Technology Revives Interest in Pioneer Exploration (PIEX)

The successful third party testing of toxic incinerator bottom ash (IBA) treatment technology continued to stimulate interest in Pioneer Exploration (OTC: PIEX), resulting in a 20% rally on a volume exponentially higher than the three-month average. Gone are those days when rapid industrialization was welcome, even at the cost of an environmental hazard. Ecological issues […]

Augme Technologies Appoints Former Warner Brothers Home Entertainment VP as COO (AUGT)

Augme Technologies (OTC: AUGT) announced the appointment of Tom DeLuca to the post of Chief Operating Officer of Augme and its wholly owned subsidiary Hipcricket. The mobile media market is continually changing and evolving. Augme Technologies is one of the market leaders when it comes to mobile media technology. Frost & Sullivan have named Augme’s […]

MAM Software Rolls Down the Highway (MAMS)

MAM Software (OTC: MAMS) released its fourth quarter and year-end financial results an hour after the opening bell this morning. For the quarter, the automotive aftermarket software company saw a 5% increase in revenues, and net income grew by over 145% to $1.8 million. Earning per share came in at $0.11 versus $0.05. Fiscal Year […]

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