China’s Poultry report asks for food safety promise from Yum! Brands, Inc.& McDonald’s Corporation- YUM & MCD

After a report by China Central Television proclaiming that chicken arbitrarily fed by antibiotics and hormones of growth may have been sold by McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) and Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE:YUM). Yingtai Food Group Co. and the Liuhe Group Co. are suppliers to many including McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) and KFC. As per the state broadcaster […]

Steve Kohen was consulted on key trades confirms SAC E-mails-ITMN, WTW, & DELL

When Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) was about to publish its earnings of second quarter in 2008, just two days before the event, a technology analyst from SAC Capital Advisors LP, Jon Horvath, sent an e-mail to Michael S. Steinberg – his boss and one more portfolio manager to notify that the earnings estimates set by Dell […]

We want healthy food, says American mothers to MCD & SBUX

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD)’s has easily penetrated into the global market for fast foods. America’s leading fast food chain, has found its way into 119 countries and still growing! Back home the company’s head Office in Illinois, is still an old fashioned typically American building where areas within the building are named after the foods on […]

Sprint increased the price after shareholders rejected its earlier price- CLWR

Mount Kellett Capital Management LP  which does the managing of accounts with beneficial possession of 58.2 million shares or 3.6 % of Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWR) said on Friday that Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) buyout price of $2.90 per share offer grossly undervalues the wireless service provider. In a letter the day after Sprint Nextel Corporation […]

Exxon Mobil rating has been reduced to neutral by Goldman-GS

Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) recent exploration and production setback has made Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS) to slash it from buy to neutral on Friday. The Texas based Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) recent E&P performance was lower than the desired expectations, forecasted this year by Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS) early 2012 upbeat outlook that […]

Amended agreement with founder

Boston Globe Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) slumps on amended agreement with founder which led to shares falling 12% on Friday after the electronics retailer and founder Richard Schulze said they agreed to amend the terms of their agreement on August 26 that will allow Schulze access to the company’s books also. As of now […]

U.S stocks fall ahead of cliff – AAPL, BRK.A, DD, INX, FDO, JPM, X and CLF

The stocks of U.S. experienced a weekly fall during a month’s period. Companies dealing in consumer related goods like, etc. fell the most amongst all the groups in the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index as per the analysis. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) showed a decline of about 4.4 percent. On the other hand Berkshire […]

Possible Bankruptcy Filing by Edison Mission Energy of Edison International (NYSE:EIX)

Power company Edison Mission Energy the unregulated power generation business of Edison International (NYSE: EIX), having operations in dozens of U.S. states, may have to file a possible bankruptcy trying to restructure its debt of $5 billion. According to a source who refused to be identified as the plans are still under wraps, the power […]

Microsoft Vs Motorola Patent case- GOOG, AAPL, MSFT, & NOK

Motorola and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) are bent upon on keeping the patent case between them secret from public view as well as are struggling hard for the settlement of the same. Both the companies have approached the federal judge in Seattle with a request to keep their patent case secret from public exposure. Motorola, […]

$100billion opportunity for IBM and Intel

When the fastest technology in terms of communication called light is combined with semiconductor chips with the help of tried and tested production processes, we call it Nanometrics Incorporated (NASDAQ:NANO), explained Peter De Dobbelaere who is the Vice President of Luxtera in an exclusive interview. The result would be cheaper iPhones, laptops, etc. A technology […]

Top five oil producers for USA- XOM, ECCE, PBT, DTRC, BKKN, OKOK, & GWR

According to Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM), by the year 2025 North America will be famous as one of the oil exporting countries due to an immense increase in its production and energy efficiency. The five countries mentioned below have a key role to play in this achievement. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration Texas […]