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TherapeuticsMD Enters $8.5 Million Private Placement Agreement (TXMD)

Specialty pharmaceutical company TherapeuticsMD (OTC: TXMD) has just made a positive announcement for shareholders and investors by revealing information about a Securities Purchase Agreement that it has signed with accredited investors. As per the terms of the agreement, TherapeuticsMD has agreed to enter 3,953,489 of its common stock shares in a private placement at a […]

Public Offering Gives Little Inspiration to Traders (NSPR)

Nothing motivates sellers in a stock quicker than a company hinting of or executing a public offering for additional shares of common stock. For many small cap companies, their ability to raise funds often depends on the public offering route. InspireMD (OTC: NSPR) announced this morning it had filed a registration statement with the SEC for a […]

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Rebounds After Bad Trial Data

A few days ago, Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (PPHM) was a $500 million company. Yesterday, it fell below $80 million. Today, it is worth $177 million. Needless to say, investors are feeling the whiplash, and they certainly have a fair share of questions. Yesterday, Peregrine Pharma dropped sharply in pre-market trading due to serious problems discovered in its bavituximab trial data. The company […]

Ready, Set, Go…Cellceutix Prepares for Clinical Trials (CTIX)

In a news release this morning, Cellceutix (OTC: CTIX) updated shareholders on the progress of clinical trials scheduled for its anti-cancer drug, Kevetrin. The trials will be conducted at Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Earlier in the month, the company had amended the clinical protocol for the drug, which the Institutional Review […]

NanoViricides Gains on Oral FluCide’s Effectiveness Over Tamiflu (NNVC)

The nano-biopharmaceutical company NanoViricides (OTC: NNVC) reported that animal survival showed significant improvement when treated with oral FluCide, an anti-influenza drug candidate. The company also claimed that based on the survival time, its drug is functionally more effective than Roche’s (NASDAQ: ROCM) Tamiflu, when tested in animals administered with a lethal dose of the H3N2 […]

Cellceutix Announces Commencement of Clinical Trials for Anti-Cancer Drug Kevetrin (CTIX)

Cellceutix (OTC: CTIX) has just made a positive announcement for its shareholders who will be happy to know that the company is all set to start clinical trials for its novel anti-cancer drug Kevetrin. The announcement was made earlier in the day, and the clinical trials will be undertaken at the Harvard Cancer Center’s Dana […]

Galtech Semiconductor Spikes on Contract PR, Questions Linger

Galtech Semiconductor Materials (OTC: GTSM) spiked today after a press release stated that the company had received a $5.7 million contract. At precisely 2:11pm ET, Galtech announced that it had “received an advanced architectural, advanced technology, contract from a private firm” [sic]. Shares of the firm had been trading near their historical price levels of […]

Neuralstem Retraces Gains After ALS Surgery Success

Neuralstem (AMEX: CUR) has gained considerable ground from its capital offering at $0.40 last month, but shares have nevertheless backed off considerably from their highs of $1.96. As of Friday’s close, Neuralstem was trading at $1.26, valuing the company at a market capitalization of $68 million. After announcing a special placement at $0.40, Neuralstem completed […]

Traders Find Their Thrill On Blueberry Hill (CDXC)

According to nutritionists and the medical profession, nothing packs a punch like the blueberry. The little blue package ranks the highest of any fruit for free radical-fighting antioxidants and it is loaded with vitamin C. Native Americans even used the blueberry as a cough remedy. Yesterday afternoon, ChromaDex (OTC:CDXC) released the Phase 2/3 findings for […]

Advanced Cell Technology Attains $35 Million Funding Commitment (ACTC)

Advanced Cell Technology (OTC: ACTC) has just announced that the company has secured a whopping $35 million funding commitment from Lincoln Park Capital Fund. The industry leader in regenerative medicine has many uses for this money since the commitment strengthens the financial foundation of Advanced Cell Technology. It will also be an immense help to […]

Provectus Pharmaceuticals Teases Traders with Data Release (PVCT)

The first day in October not only marks the beginning of a new month, but on that date Provectus Pharmaceuticals (OTC: PVCT) will present data to the European Society Medical Oncology Congress in Vienna from its Phase 2 trial of PV-10 in patients with stage III or IV melanoma. The data will set the stage for […]

Deep Brain Stimulation Gives Traders a Tingle (MRIC)

A professor in Grenoble, France, became the first person in Europe to use the Clearpoint Neuro Intervention System to assist with the implantation of deep brain stimulation leads in two patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The device is the brainchild of MRI Interventions (OTC: MRIC) and Brainlab AG. Deep brain stimulation is best described as a […]

Fortunes Fade for Pristine Solutions (PRTN)

Everything seems to be going downhill for Pristine Solutions (OTC: PRTN) after it was picked as one of the AwesomePennyStocks (APS) that had a bright future. Every investor with a stake in the company would have been holding his or her breath while waiting for Pristine Solutions to hit several dollars per share just like […]

InVivo Therapeutics Promotes Brian Hess as CSO (NVIV)

InVivo Therapeutics (OTC: NVIV) has just announced that its director of product development, Brian Hess, will be taking over as the Chief Science Officer for the company. Hess joined InVivo just months before and will be taking over from Edward Wirth M.D., Ph.D. About InVivo InVivo Therapeutics is a developer of new technology pertaining to […]