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Titan Pharmaceuticals Receives Giant Size Offer (TTNP)

Traders were anything but sedate today when it came to buying shares of Titan Pharmaceuticals (OTC: TTNP). About two hours after the opening of the trading session, the company announced it had an agreement to sell 3.4 million shares of common stock to a potential licensee of the rights to commercialize Titan’s drug Probuphine, which […]

Titan Pharmaceuticals Announces $4.25 Million Stock Purchase Agreement to Commercialize Probuphine (TTNP)

Titan Pharmaceuticals (OTC: TTNP) has taken another step forward in its quest to develop treatment options for opioid dependence using the substance Probuphine. The company has just entered a Stock Purchase and Option Agreement with an affiliate company that is a potential licensee of the commercialization rights of Probuphine. The $4.25 million Stock Purchase and […]

Traders in Pristine Solutions Keep Their Emotions in Check (PRTN)

How hot or cold can a stock get from a research report created by a non-registered, small cap equity research firm? Traders probably pondered that question a bit during the trading session today. This morning, 2nd Opinion Stock Research out of New Orleans, Louisiana, initiated coverage on Pristine Solutions (OTC: PRTN). Judging from the action in the […]

Pristine Solutions Prepares for FDA Approval of Tropine 3 Transdermal Patch (PRTN)

Shares of Pristine Solutions (OTC: PRTN) have fallen by a small margin of about 1.1%, or $0.0041 per share, to reach $0.3849 as of September 12, 2012. One of the most actively traded penny stock companies, Pristine Solutions is the flagship company that has a wholly owned subsidiary company, Eaton Scientific Systems, under its wings. The […]

Announcement Of Showcasing AutoloGel System At Advanced Wound Care Symposium Fails To Stop Slide At Cytomedix (CMXI)

The failure to clinch a licensing contract for the flagship product AutoloGel from a top-20 global pharmaceutical company continues to haunt the fully integrated regenerative medicine company Cytomedix (OTC: CMXI). The company’s share price continued its downward spiral by another 9% amidst high volume. Cytomedix, the developer of platelet and adult stem cell technologies for […]

Lifevantage Receives a Battlefield Promotion (LFVN)

Beginning on September 12, 2012, shares of Lifevantage (OTC: LFVN) will commence trading on the NASDAQ under the same symbol that the stock carries now. Companies eligible for listing on the NASDAQ must meet specific criteria regarding their financials and market capitalization. Douglas Robison, President and CEO of Lifevantage, said the following, “Over the past […]

Positive News for Advanced Cell Technology, 2nd Quarter Results Out and Chairman to Present at Prestigious Conference (ACTC)

Massachusetts-based biotechnology company, Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC), has quite a few things going for it this quarter. The biotechnology company is primarily into the application of cellular technology to solve problems in the field of regenerative medicine. Not only is this penny stock company one of the most actively traded over the counter stock, but […]

Nanoviricides Punches the Competition in the Mouth (NNVC)

Nanoviricides (OTC: NNVC) reported today that its oral anti-influenza drug, FluCide, showed superior results to oral Tamiflu. Produced by Roche, Tamiflu has become the standard treatment for influenza. According to Nanoviricides, its drug beat Tamiflu in every parameter tested. The tests, however, were conducted on mice. The market for a successful influenza drug can be quite […]

Dividend and Conquer, Medisafe 1 Technologies Doubles (MFTH)

WallSteetPR has covered Medisafe 1 Technologies (OTC: MFTH) before today. Looking at today’s numbers, it is quite clear that people remain afraid of needles. People also fear being accidentally administered drugs intended for another patient, an incorrect dosage, or simple incompetence as well of a host of other problems that hospitals fight each time a patient […]

Protocol Completion For Tropine 3 Clinical Trial Ensures Rally In Pristine Solutions (PRTN)

Following the news of an agreement with Rox San Pharmacy and completion of Protocol for the Clinical Trial for Tropine 3, the shares of Pristine Solutions (OTC: PRTN) continued the upward journey with a 76% gain from an intra-day low of $0.17 on September 4, 2012. Pristine Solutions came into the lime light nearly two […]

Three-Dimensional Bioprinter’s Potential Revives Interest In Organovo Holdings (ONVO)

The developer of the NovoGen MMX Bioprinter, Organovo Holdings (OTC: ONVO), continued to attract traders following an “outperform” rating a week ago from Zacks Small Cap Research. In yesterday’s trading session, the share price rose by $0.07 to $2.23 in the first hour of trading and resisted short sellers for the rest of the day. […]

Transgenomic Ices Cancer Kicker (TBIO)

Transgenomic (OTC: TBIO) announced this morning that it had a collaborative arrangement with New York University’s Langone Medical Center to use the company’s ultra-high sensitive mutation detection technology, known as ICE COLD-PCR, to study lung cancer and responses to a variety of treatments. The focus of the study centers on mutations found in the blood of […]

Traders Look Towards Psoriasis Trials To Clear Investment Complexion (CTIX)

Before the market opened this morning after the Labor Day weekend, Cellceutix (OTC: CTIX) announced that it had selected Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory (NYSE: RDY) to manufacture the drug Purisol for the treatment of psoriasis. Cellceutix plans to commence phase two and three clinical trials upon completion of the manufacturing process. In tests involving mice, Purisol demonstrated […]

LifeVantage Handles CFO Transition Deftly While Facebook’s Stock Continues to Suffer (LFVN) (FB)

David Ebersman, Chief Financial Officer of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), is being touted as the man behind the flawed Facebook IPO that took the market by storm three months ago. While the blame game is being played in the Facebook IPO debacle, penny stock companies like LifeVantage (OTCQB: LFVN) are handling CFO changes without any controversy. […]

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