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Augme Technologies Unveils Restructuring Plan, Now What? (AUGT)

What comes after the restructuring? A good question that traders in Augme Technologies (OTC: AUGT) will want to have some answers for. On Friday morning, interim CEO Robert Hussey unveiled plans to make the company leaner while maintaining the goal of protecting strategic assets. According to Hussey, Augme Technologies will work to minimize its cash […]

Report of CEO’s Past Criminal Conviction Drags Down Clear System Recycling (CLSR)

The announcement of a pact to acquire CI Holdings by Clear System Recycling (OTC: CLSR) was overshadowed by reports of the latter’s CEO, Mark Ghiglieri, being a convicted criminal. The share price of Clear System spiraled down to touch a low of $2.65 in the first two hours of trading. Even though Canada-based Clear System is profiled as a […]

Neuralstem Retraces Gains After ALS Surgery Success

Neuralstem (AMEX: CUR) has gained considerable ground from its capital offering at $0.40 last month, but shares have nevertheless backed off considerably from their highs of $1.96. As of Friday’s close, Neuralstem was trading at $1.26, valuing the company at a market capitalization of $68 million. After announcing a special placement at $0.40, Neuralstem completed […]

Traders Find Their Thrill On Blueberry Hill (CDXC)

According to nutritionists and the medical profession, nothing packs a punch like the blueberry. The little blue package ranks the highest of any fruit for free radical-fighting antioxidants and it is loaded with vitamin C. Native Americans even used the blueberry as a cough remedy. Yesterday afternoon, ChromaDex (OTC:CDXC) released the Phase 2/3 findings for […]

Fortunes Fade for Pristine Solutions (PRTN)

Everything seems to be going downhill for Pristine Solutions (OTC: PRTN) after it was picked as one of the AwesomePennyStocks (APS) that had a bright future. Every investor with a stake in the company would have been holding his or her breath while waiting for Pristine Solutions to hit several dollars per share just like […]

Can New Science Officer Rejuvenate InVivo Therapeutics? (NVIV)

InVivo Therapeutics (OTC: NVIV) announced an interim successor to fill the Chief Science Officer position recently vacated by Dr. Edward Wirth due to personal reasons. Brian Hess, a former product development specialist with Stryker (NYSE: SYK) and current product development manager for InVivo Therapeutics, will assume the role of Chief Science officer. Mr. Hess will take […]

Early End of Honeymoon Period for MRI Interventions (MRIC)

The excitement over new and advanced technology no longer drives a stock upwards for ages in a gloomy economic scenario, and the shares of MRI Interventions (OTC: MRIC), the developer of a minimally invasive neurosurgical platform, were no exception. The company’s share price lost more than half of its value from its peak in less […]

Augme Technologies Appoints Former Warner Brothers Home Entertainment VP as COO (AUGT)

Augme Technologies (OTC: AUGT) announced the appointment of Tom DeLuca to the post of Chief Operating Officer of Augme and its wholly owned subsidiary Hipcricket. The mobile media market is continually changing and evolving. Augme Technologies is one of the market leaders when it comes to mobile media technology. Frost & Sullivan have named Augme’s […]

Seven Arts Loses 50% On Maiden Trading Day At OTC After Failing To Fulfill Listing Rule In NASDAQ (SAPX)

After failing to demonstrate a minimum closing bid price of $1.00 per share for 10 consecutive days to remain listed on the NASDAQ, shares of Seven Arts Entertainment (OTC: SAPX) nose dived by around 50% in the first hour of trading in the OTC market. On September 29, 2011, the Los Angeles-based independent motion picture […]

Announcement Of Showcasing AutoloGel System At Advanced Wound Care Symposium Fails To Stop Slide At Cytomedix (CMXI)

The failure to clinch a licensing contract for the flagship product AutoloGel from a top-20 global pharmaceutical company continues to haunt the fully integrated regenerative medicine company Cytomedix (OTC: CMXI). The company’s share price continued its downward spiral by another 9% amidst high volume. Cytomedix, the developer of platelet and adult stem cell technologies for […]

Come For the Terra Cotta Warriors, Leave with Diammonium Phosphate (UCHC)

In a ridiculously heavy day of trading that saw nearly four million shares change hands, Uni Core Holdings (OTC: UCHC) saw its stock lose half of its value almost immediately upon the opening bell. This came in spite of that fact that Uni Core Holdings’ majority owned subsidiary, Prosperous Agriculture (Shaanxi Prosperous Agriculture Company Limited), […]

InVivo Therapeutics Staggers over Recent Positive News (NVIV)

Two weeks ago, InVivo Therapeutics (OTC: NVIV) released second quarter financial results that showed a pro forma loss of $0.04 versus a loss $0.05 for the same period last year. The company also mentioned the clinical progress for its biopolymer scaffolding and hydrogel technologies. According to the report, the FDA is prepared to clear the […]

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