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Lack of Additional Funding Arrangement Weighs Down Santa Fe Gold (SFEG)

Precious metal exploration and mining company Santa Fe Gold (OTC: SFEG), in its annual report, announced a funding requirement to the tune of at least $24 million over the next 12 months and $33 million over the next 36 months. The company also warned investors that a failure to procure this funding would result in […]

Implant Sciences Dispatches Explosives Trace Detectors to the Arabian Gulf and Japan (IMSC)

Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC), which is known for being a critical supplier of systems and sensors like trace detectors to the oil & gas and defense industries, has just announced the shipment of explosives trace detectors to the Arabian Gulf to safeguard a petroleum facility, as well as to Japan to help protect a nuclear […]

Mimvi Jumps Into the Ring With the Big Boys (MIMV)

This week, Mimvi Incorporated (OTC: MIMV) announced it had finalized a partnership with Microsoft (NADAQ: MSFT) to provide products and services to complement the giant’s Windows Azure and Windows Mobile 8 platforms. In essence, the deal represents a counter-punch thrown by Microsoft to answer a deal in which arch-rival Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) acquired Chomp for $50 […]

Emisphere Technologies Tanks on Payment Default (EMIS)

The failure to pay $30.517 million in principal and interest for the 11% senior secured convertible notes and $600,000 in principal for promissory notes has placed Emisphere Technologies (OTC: EMIS) on the verge of facing a foreclosure of substantially all of its assets by the creditor MHR Fund Management (MHR). Reacting to the news, the […]

TherapeuticsMD Paddles Like a Duck Today (TXMD)

Another day and another company announces the offering of more common shares to bolster its finances. Last night after the markets closed, TherapeuticsMD (OTC: TXMD) let the word out that it had entered into an agreement for the private placement of common stock. The deal calls for TherapeuticsMD to sell 3,953,489 shares of common stock […]

Implant Sciences Announces Appointment of Sales Manager to Boost Growth in Air Cargo Market (IMSC)

Supplier of advanced technology sensors and systems, Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC), has just announced a change in management with the appointment of former Rapiscan Sales Manager, Ms. Nav Mosey, to the post of U.S. Air Cargo Sales Manager in an effort to boost the company’s growth in the air cargo market. The company is well […]

TherapeuticsMD Enters $8.5 Million Private Placement Agreement (TXMD)

Specialty pharmaceutical company TherapeuticsMD (OTC: TXMD) has just made a positive announcement for shareholders and investors by revealing information about a Securities Purchase Agreement that it has signed with accredited investors. As per the terms of the agreement, TherapeuticsMD has agreed to enter 3,953,489 of its common stock shares in a private placement at a […]

Did A Denial Send Chimera Energy Reeling? (CHMR)

A lot of noise has been made lately over the process of hydraulic shale oil extraction, known as fracking, with environmentalists waging a campaign to ban or greatly restrict the method over concerns of groundwater pollution. In late July, Chimera Energy (OTC: CHMR) unveiled an extraction technology that does not use water, potentially allaying the […]

Global Clean Energy Sees Traders Unwind Positions (GCEI)

As excitement over the news of the acquisition of Houston Industrial Materials by Global Clean Energy (OTC: GCEI) subsided, traders began to  unwind their positions in the early hours of trading. This occurred despite the announced completion of the Jatropha business plan, which will create 20,000 jobs. The share price of Global Clean Energy, which hit a […]

Public Offering Gives Little Inspiration to Traders (NSPR)

Nothing motivates sellers in a stock quicker than a company hinting of or executing a public offering for additional shares of common stock. For many small cap companies, their ability to raise funds often depends on the public offering route. InspireMD (OTC: NSPR) announced this morning it had filed a registration statement with the SEC for a […]

Punchline Resources Uses More of Credit Facility after Winnemucca Mountain Properties Acquisition (PUNL)

Punchline Resources (OTC: PUNL) has just announced its request for additional funding through its line of credit facility after the acquisition of Empress and Winnemucca Mountain Properties. This is its second request for funding. This time around, the company has asked for and received approval for a funding drawdown of $200,000 from its $1,000,000 line […]

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