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Paxos Has Issued a record $50 Million of The Recently Launched US Dollar-Backed Stablecoin according To Firm’s Top Official

Paxos Standard (PAX) stablecoin launched barely a month ago and $50 million-worth of the USD-backed crypto has been issued so far according to the company’s Vice President of marketing and communications, Dorothy Jean Chang. Chang made the announcement through her twitter handle on October 15. Regulated and USD-backed The company’s stablecoin is regulated by the […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining No Longer Profitable For At Home Miners With Dwindling Prices

Mining Bitcoin (BTC) at home is an easy task using a home computer. But, things have changed a lot in this arena. The declining prices of the cryptocurrency and higher electricity charges are making at home miners to bleed. Even the cheap electricity is not helping the miners at home. In order to become profitable, […]

Forbes Partners with Blockchain Based Journalism Company Civil To Publish Its Content

Media Titan Forbes Inc announced that it would start partnering with Civil, a blockchain backed journalism firm. The new arrangements will allow Forbes to directly publish content on the Civil platform. This makes Forbes the first major brand to start experimenting its content with the blockchain company. Why civil Civil is a blockchain backed journalism […]

Cryptocurrency Custodian And Security Firm BitGo Adds Stellar And Dash To Its Platform

Blockchain-based security company BitGo has added two major players in the crypto world Dash (DASH) and stellar Lumens (XLM) to its platform. Dash has already been updated on the platform while XLM will join soon. The founder while talking to Fortune said that the two coins would offer advancements in payments. He also said that […]

Kakao’s Blockchain subsidiary Ground X unveils Klaytn Testnet

Kakao’s Ground X has unveiled a test network tagged Klayn in October 8 ahead of the official launch in 2019. In March 2018, Kakao formed a blockchain development unit, Ground X that was tasked with developing a blockchain that was user friendly compared to the existing blockchains offerings. Klaytn is currently under experimentation by ten […]

Lamassu Unveils Three New Machines

Lamassu has unveiled Three Sintra range ATMs namely Sintra Forte, the Sintra, and Douro II. The next generation ATMs support DASH, ETH, LTC, BCH, BTC, and ZEC. It provides the ATM operators to enable the required cryptocurrency through the backend. In addition, the ATM operators can set the commissions, fees, and meet the compliance. The […]

Bitmain Acquires a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallet -Telescope

Bitmain has acquired the browser based Bitcoin Cash wallet. The open source cash wallet is called Telescope. The Telescope can be used for both Mozilla Firefox and Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google Chrome. Telescope also supports MoneyButton, Akari-Pay, Bitpay invoices, other wallet services. Secure Browser Extension for Instant Transactions The browser based wallet is launched to […]

China’s Magazine ‘Technology Life’ Embraces Bitcoin Subscription Payments

Technology Life is one of the oldest magazines in China. The magazine says that from next year it will start accepting bitcoin subscription payments. Technology life becomes the first media organization in this republic to take such a bold move. A close outlook into the matter The latest development is a clear sign that indeed […]

Clinton Speaks Out Regarding Possibilities Of Blockchain

Bill Clinton was one of the dignitaries that were invited at the annual Swell conference that was conducted in San Francisco. Numerous perspectives were expressed by the leaders during this Ripple’s conference. However, the most outstanding remarks emanated from former U.S. President. Clinton opined, “Permutations and possibilities of blockchain technology are staggeringly great.” The turn […]

Apple Macs And Amateur Cryptojackers Pop Up As The Two Mining Malware Trends This Year

The 8,500 percent increase in cryptojacking that was witnessed the previous year was alarming. Symantec made the publication of the figures in March and experts in the area have made projections outlining that matters might even get worse in 2018. Cyber Threat Alliance has been following the latest developments and has eventually given its report. […]

New Zealand Police Appeals People To Beware Of Online Scams

New Zealand police have cautioned the public about web scams after an investor gave away capital of $320,000 NZD to crypto fraudsters. The unnamed investor, who did several investments in a fraudulent web cryptocurrency scheme, was fascinated by its “extremely good returns”. As per a police report, those returns in the investments soon began to […]

Monero (XMR) Updates On “Burning Bug”

Monero (XMR) disabled bug that could have resulted in the loss of funds and could have embittered the network. Termed as the Burning Bug, this chunk of the procedure enables sending of funds to a covered address several times. If the exploit works with a regular address, the capital is only burned. Monero added that […]

Cocos-BCX Games Developer Raises $40 Million From Funders

Blockchain technology is bringing fundamental shifts in the gaming industry. Developers are now designing and launching their products on the network. Cocos-BCX games developer takes the best of the Cocos2d-x team. Interestingly, this is the team behind the famed Angry Birds. Given the success they had on the 2D platform, Cocos-BCX has bigger potential. Based […]

Philippine Blockchain Company LoyalCoin Partner With Ride-Hailing App, Grab Philippines

The Philippines has introduced its own version of Uber christened Grab Philippines. However, the ride-hailing app will not operate alone thanks to a partnership with Philippine’s blockchain company LoyalCoin. The due has entered into an agreement, which will allow the use of a crypto digital wallet known as LoyalWallet. Anyone riding on Grab Philippines will […]

SBI Remit In Collaboration With BitPesa for Blockchain Payments Between Africa And Japanese

A virtual treasury solution for managing which leverages blockchain settlement to reduce the rates and increase the quickness of payments from and to frontier markets, BitPesa partnering with the biggest remittance service giver in Japan, SBI Remit, to enable easy buying Japanese commodities from Africans. The simplicity of conversion The two companies leveraging blockchain technology […]