NFT Stocks Could Regain Momentum as Risk Trades Rally (CYIO, PLBY, TKAT, ZKIN, DLPN, IMTE)

The NFT revolution could be regaining some life, with recent rallies in key related stocks and several major stories hitting the newswires over recent days, including Damien Hirst’s move to literally burn a bunch of his legendary work to enter the space. (1) An NFT, or non-fungible token, is simply anything unique that can be […]

Indonesia Temporarily Lifts Ban On PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL) To Allow User To Migrate Their funds

Days after the Indonesian government blocked PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL) and other sites such as Yahoo, Epic Games, and Steam after their failure to comply with new regulations associated with the restrictive content moderation rules, the government temporarily lifted the ban on PayPal. Authorities granted temporary access to the payment platform to enable customers […]

Uber Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: UBER) Unveils New Features That Will Help Enhance Driver’s Experience

On Friday, Uber Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: UBER) unveiled a slew of new features geared at improving the ridesharing application’s driver experiences as drivers continue to struggle with high fuel costs and inflation rates. Uber drivers to know the amount they will receive for a trip beforehand  Before accepting a job, drivers all around the country will […]

Why Crypto Stocks May be the Best Route to Monetizing the Bitcoin Bear (SDIG, BLQC, HUT, MARA, MSTR, RIOT, COIN, SQ)

Bitcoin has been in another major bear market over recent months (1). But, as any experienced investor knows, bear markets and bull markets come and go. Just take a gander at a long-term chart for Crude Oil or Gold or Copper or the Euro. Bitcoin is not a stock. It’s closer to a commodity or […], Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) To Discontinue Amazon Drive-In 2023 and Turn Focus To Amazon Photos, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) customer-focused storage service, Amazon Drive, will be discontinued over the course of the following year, the company stated today. The firm explained that it was using the chance to “more completely focus” on Amazon Photos, it’s rival to iCloud Photos and Google Photos, in an email to users. File uploading to […]

Top CBD, Cannabis, and Metaverse Momentum Stories Surface in August Rally (CRON, UBQU, TLRY, NVDA, HEXO, YCBD)

The rally across the stock market over the past six weeks has been sharp and powerful, driving new money off the sidelines and dealing a major blow to bears, with the Nasdaq lifting over 20% higher since June (1). Retail investors appear to be active once again, powering meme stocks and growth names higher as […]

Trinity Resources Inc (OTC US:TRRI) surges on news and tiny float

Trinity Resources Inc. (OTC US:TRRI) is up over 1000% and currently trading at $1.8. TRRI currently trades on the OTC board. Yesterday, TRRI announced that following approval by a super majority of Alzex Biomedical Group Inc. (“Alzex”) shareholders obtained on June 30, 2022, it has now entered into a binding Asset purchase agreement (the “Agreement”) […]

OTC Liquid Movers Update for Friday

It was a wild day across the markets on Thursday as the major indices continued their sharp breakout advance spurred on by Wednesday’s policy path pivot by Jerome Powell & Co. at the Federal Reserve. The S&P gained another 1.21% and the Nasdaq jumped another 1.08% on the heels of their huge gains Wednesday afternoon. […]