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Syncronys Rebound Continues Ahead of New Acquisition (SNTL)

Syncronys (OTC: SNTL) staged another rally in today’s over-the-counter market, ahead of its new acquisition of a North American company. Syncronys traded at a share price of $0.142 at one point in the afternoon, and eventually closed at $0.13 per share, or 4% higher than its previous close. Today’s trading session saw 226,228 shares exchange […]

Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup, the Gopher, and Investors Love TapIn (MDMC)

Golf, quite simply, is a massive industry. Conservatively speaking, 40 million people in the United States alone play somewhere in the (rather large and reasonably posh) neighborhood of half a billion rounds annually. The industry is often undervalued at $20 billion in green fees and membership dues alone. Marine Drive Mobile (OTC: MDMC), a company that […]

Freddie Mac Gets Staring Role in New Zombie-Finance Vehicle (FMCC)

The meta-question for investors interested in Freddie Mac (OTC: FMCC), circa 2012, is this: How much tolerance does the American public have for more things that rise from the dead? Zombie-genre art has always been a porthole into the public psyche. From the slow-moving, brain-eating, collectivist undead of the 1950s and 60s, to the camp […]

Volume Soars to New Heights as Tactical Air Defense Services Receives Aircraft Dealers’ Certificate (TADF)

Tactical Air Defense Services (OTC: TADF), an aerospace contractor, saw its volume explode to 18 times above average as it announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, AeroTech,  received its aircraft dealers’ certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration. This will increase the company’s business propositions as it furthers its main strategy of buying aircraft below market […]

Sustainability in 1920’s Atlanta Meets Miami Vice and Vagueries? (SEFE)

Queue Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”, or don’t. That seminal piece of music that helped “The Sting” win 1973’s Academy Award for Best Picture is back. Everybody likes a good scam put to music. Perhaps it is not a scam. Perhaps it is the most innovative company on the planet on the cusp of a breakthrough. […]

Bebida Beverage Sees Gains in Price, Volume as Company Announces New Products (BBDA)

Bebida Beverage (OTC: BBDA), a manufacturer and marketer of bottled drinks, has some big plans this year and investors are starting to take notice. The company saw gains in price and volume today as it announced some upcoming products and promotions. First up is a product extension of the company’s Koma Unwind portfolio. Bebida Beverage […]

Highline Technical Innovations’ Trading Momentum Continues Since Naming Premier Manufacturer (HLNT)

Highline Technical Innovations (OTC: HLNT) climbed up another notch in today’s trading session, continuing the stock’s trading momentum in an incredible rally that has lasted for four months. The stock rose and fell quickly several times during the day, and closed at a share price of $0.0131, or 2.3% higher than its previous close. Volume […]

Bob Flaherty Lashes Out at Naked Bear Raiders (DIMI)

Bob Flaherty, Editor of Flaherty Financial News, is a legend in his hate of unscrupulous bear traders. As a former Senior Editor of Forbes, only one man has written more cover stories. His credentials are nothing short of illustrious. Flaherty graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College with a degree in economics and also has […]

KMA Global Solutions Gains Attention for a Huge Breakout (KMAG)

KMA Global Solutions (OTC: KMAG) had an incredible breakout in today’s trading session, which had investors excited and talking. The stock of KMA Global Solutions was priced at $0.005 per share when the market opened, and steadily rallied for the majority of the day. KMA Global Solutions touched the high of the day at $0.008 […]

COWABUNGA!!! AT&T to Acquire NextWave, Little Ripple Turns into a Tsunami (WAVE)

On an average day, or at least an average day in the last three months, NextWave Wireless (OTC: WAVE) constitutes nothing more than a ripple of trading at around 8,000 shares. Today saw NextWave, and its massive debt of over half a billion dollars, trade 36 shares shy of 1.5 million on AT&T’s announcement that […]

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