Carbon Sciences Declines While Facebook’s IPO Troubles Continue

Facebook stock (NASDAQ: FB) cannot seem to stay out of the headlines due to its IPO drama, while Carbon Sciences (OTC: CABN) declined a conservative 1.61% in today’s over-the-counter trading. Domestic stocks did not start the trading session very smoothly, but closed mostly flat, while NASDAQ indices had minor total gains when compared to Tuesday’s larger drop.

Facebook stock rallied 3.2% to a share price of $32.00. However, even the market leader could not stop the growing animosity of its shareholders. Morgan Stanley has already filed a class action suit against Facebook, and shortsellers are lining up to bet against the high-flying social media IPO. Headlines about related issues continue to attract national interest.

Amid all of the battles with Facebook and the social media, Carbon Sciences declined a conservative 1.61% today, slightly underperforming the performance of the general stock market. This is continues the general rebound in its market value. Carbon Sciences’ overall share price performance has not been very respectable this year, with a loss of 36% since January 1, 2012. However, since it hit its bottom low on May 8, 2012, there has an upward trend. Since May 15, it has been working to produce a more attractive stock chart.

In the long-term, the company seeks to develop technologies to make hydrogen, transportation fuels, and other valuable green products from natural gas. It has a highly scalable clean technology process which might make it possible to reduce the world’s dependence on petroleum as the process transforms the more abundant natural gas into gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, and other products. The company is testing methods to produce methanol, solvents, pharmaceuticals, hydrogen, pesticides, plastics and fertilizers. A chemical catalyst plays a key role in this process by reducing the cost of the most expensive step in producing from natural gas: reforming natural gas into syngas (synthetic gas).

Carbon Sciences’ recent activities and its future outlook are factors that affect its stock performance. The CEO of Carbon Sciences was featured on as well as on FOX Business Network. The company recently announced successful testing of its SMR (steam methane reforming) technology. This will be used to produce hydrogen from natural gas, which has a market of $150 billion per year. The company also anticipated that it will have its licensing agreements with manufacturers all in place by 2014. This will allow for an accelerated timeline within the energy development field.

Affected by issues related to Greece and the general European market, domestic stocks still managed to recover from their earlier poor performance. However, there is still considerable risk and volatility in today’s stock market indices. Unless the speed of economy recovery accelerates, investor sentiment will not likely return to their previous highs. Carbon Sciences still only declined a conservative amount, which is a continuation of its rebound in market capitalization and perceived value.

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Published by Fiona Gibson

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