Broadcom Inc (NASDAQ: AVGO) Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit From Japanese Electronics Manufacturer Panasonic

In a federal lawsuit filed on Thursday in Texas, Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic sued chipmaker Broadcom Inc (NASDAQ: AVGO). for breaching its rights to a number of computer-tech patents.

Panasonic sues Broadcom over patent infringement claims

Broadcom rejected the patent catalog of Panasonic Holdings Corp, which the company claimed covered a “wide array” of Broadcom offerings company claimed in court documents.

According to the two complaints, Broadcom devices, including microprocessors, wireless networking components, and integrated circuits, violate 10 Panasonic patents.

According to the lawsuit, Broadcom is accused of directly infringing and continues to infringe on for more patent claims that include Patent Nos 6,927,664 (‘664 patent), 6,975,641 (‘641 patent), 7, 328,389 (‘389 patent), 6,965,107 (‘107 patent) and 9,473,268 (‘268 patent) which collectively are  referred to as “Asserted Patents.” Panasonic owns all rights of the Asserted Patents  that were legally and duly issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office

In addition to asking for an indefinite court order preventing Broadcom from breaching its patent rights, Panasonic requested the US District Court for the Western District of Texas for an undisclosed sum in monetary damages. Broadcom is being accused of having made, used, offered for sale, sold, and imported ‘664 Accused products. Also, the claim accuses Broadcom of knowingly inducing clients to use ‘664 Accused Products in the US in the customary, ordinary, and intended way through intermediaries, distributing the ‘664 Accused Products.

Furthermore, the complaints claimed that Broadcom intentionally violated the patents, despite the fact that Broadcom had included several of them in its patent applications.

Broadcom has sued Toyota for infotainment patent infringement 

Toyota infotainment systems were the subject of a prior lawsuit from Broadcom in another Texas court over alleged patent infringement. The parties decided to withdraw the Texas action in May after the company’s unsuccessful petition for import restrictions at the US International Trade Commission primarily on the accusations.

The lawsuits are Panasonic Holdings Corp v. Broadcom Corp, Nos. 6:22-cv-00755 and 6:22-cv-00756, in the Western District of Texas of the United States District Court.

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