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Brief Sunrays For Cereplast Inc (OTCMKTS:CERP) Amidst The Storm In The Stock Market

Boston, MA 10/21/2013 (wallstreetpr) – A company that has not received much attention for the past two months in relation to stocks trading is Cereplast Inc (OTCMKTS:CERP). The last time this company had investors glued to their ticker is back in August when they filed their second quarter earnings.

These had been boosted by paid promotional campaigns that attracted a lot of investor interests. As a result the company’s stock shot up with record sales of millions of dollars a day. However, this did not last as the company slipped to an embarrassing couple of hundred thousand dollars in volumes.

In recent times the company announced a $1.4 million purchase order from an Indian company called Dugar Eximark. For a moment this caught the attention of most investors and for a day the company’s stock saw the light of day after a long stormy night. On Wednesday, the company shares hit a high of $0.0176. Even though they later slid back to $0.0162 per share which was a 21.80% decline, the day saw the company trade a high of about 36 million shares and bag about $588 thousand in volumes.

Unfortunately, the run was brief. The following day, the previously sparkling shares opened to a bad start and slid back 12.35% to settle at $0.0142 per share. At this point about 3 million shares had been traded and it was expected to slide back even further as most people would tend to hold on to the shares. The company has had a 52 week low of just $0.01per share and a 52 week high of $0.28 per share which was witnessed in the August rally. Until the next jerk effect comes up, the company might as well be headed for a gloomy time at the stock exchange.

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