According to many sources, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has experience a major setback after some of the test by JerryRigEverything showed that there was some weakness on some of the BlackBerry’s handset. Apparently, after the test, it became clear that some of the handset screens could pop out if they were subjected to pressure from the edge. After the test, the BlackBerry has delivered new units into the markets while promising the previous customers who had purchased the old hands that if in case of any issue. The issue of screens popping out has however came a blessing to many because the warrant period has been extended further to ensure that all devices showing some sort of weakness are taken care of.

The KeyOne Manufacturer, TLC Acknowledges the Issues Experienced in KeyOne Screens

In a quick rejoinder, the manufacturer of BlackBerry KeyOne Model has acknowledged the fact that indeed there is an issue and promises to investigate on the issue further. Through the Crackberry forums TLC has confirmed that any alterations crucial for ensuring quality of the device will be done and that the manufacturing processes have also been configured in order to ensure that any further issue with the device is not experienced in future.

Through its statement, TLC indeed says that “In a further effort to ensure all our BlackBerry Mobile customers and fans have an outstanding experience, we’re implementing additional measure that add even greater strengths and adhesive to the BlackBerry KeyOne”

BlackBerry Brands Still Stand out due to A Small Number of Loyal Customers

Considering that the KeyOne has been competing favorably in the market, many of the customers as well as the fans have continued to show interest in the handset. The manufacturing issue has led to setbacks but the manufacture has held it to its credit with a small number of loyal customers still holding on. It is incredible, however, that some of the customers still express their fashion for the KeyOne handset even with the previous flaws detected.

Many of the BlackBerry brands have been surviving in a small market share but the company has pushed itself to the limits with the aim of ensuring that it manufactures a modern smartphone which will compete with other brands while maintaining the legendary BlackBerry keyboard.