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Bitcoin Cafe in Israel: Leading Chain Café Joe Supports Coinbase Wallet

You can have your cup of joe at Café Joe USA outlets and pay in bitcoin and other digital currencies. The Israeli-coffee outlet announced that it is accepting the Coinbase payment option and Nano.

In a statement, the outlet said the move is not motivated by specific demand from the cryptocurrency industry. The idea stemmed out of the thinking that Bitcoin can as well be integrated in the daily lives of many people. The company says this has been the aspiration of many people who pioneered the digital currency sector.

Additionally, the outlet said that it have immensely grown and expanded over the past few months and has attracted the attention of many techs, investors and anarchists and many of them have been hindered by high transaction fees or long transfer lines. These two scenarios have made buying everyday household items using digital currencies less than ideal.

Luckly, Coinbase Commerce recently launched an integrated payment system which helps to simplify transactions using cryptocurrency. Coinbase Commerce is a digital currency storage and exchange platform. Cafe Joe USA instantly took up the idea and adopted the new technology.

The company said that it is its forward-thinking approach of looking at business and commerce that led to its investment in the U.S and has now let it to adopting the crypto lovers. The move immediately received the blessings of crypto and coffee lovers.

While commenting on the new development, Crypto Concierge CEO Pierre Kennel said it is very pleasing to see forward-thinking firms like Cafe Joe take up the new emerging trends in digital currency and embracing cryptocurrency as a viable means of conducting transactions. He said it is an exciting moment in the growth and evolution of the digital currency technology and its pioneers will be a notch higher in the sector once blockchain hits the mainstream.

Recently, Howard Schultz, the chairman of Starbucks said the coffee outlet is nearing closer to adopting blockchain into its operations and may start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. He noted that blockchain has become the rails on which Starbucks could be riding soon. He did not however give any specific timelines on when the coffee outlet would start accepting digital currencies.

Published by Pamela Garcia

Pamela Garcia is a keen follower of U.S. stock market

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