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Bill Clinton To Address Ripple’s Upcoming Swell Conference

Bill Clinton, the 42nd US president will be attending the Swell Conference. This will be an event hosted by Ripple which is a blockchain-based payment solutions provider. A lot of people around the globe know Ripple as a business guru behind the XRP cryptocurrency.

The Swell Conference and related matters

It was on Tuesday that the business disclosed that the former US president was going to grace the transformational event. Clinton will be remembered for being one of the leaders that contributed immensely in ushering in of a period of extreme growth and adoption of the internet. He has done much work shaping it and making it what it is today.

The other thing is that he set up a series of programs which ensured that no one was left behind by the new wave. The underserved communities globally got to enjoy the new technology and have leveraged on it to enhance their lives a great deal.

A close outlook

The 90s internet boom versed a large number of people worldwide with knowledge and learnings which have turned out useful in resolving the modern day issues. Reports indicate that  blockchain technology and digital currencies have lately been offering a wide range of new and exciting opportunities.

With the passage of time it is getting much easier to transfer value. The world is drifting to a point where it will achieve more in line with financial inclusion and economic opportunity for people around the globe.

But even with that said, it is worth noting that the new technology pulls a long with its own challenges. That implies there is need to formulate a thoughtful policy that will do much guarding consumers from the associated risks. Innovation needs to be encouraged by all means and anything that can hamper it must be fought strongly.

Asides from delivering the keynote address, this former US leader is set to participate in a Q&A session .That will be a session moderated by Gene Sperling who at some Point served as the National Economic Council Director and Advisor under Barack Obama and Clinton. Currently, this official is one of the members in Ripple’s board of directors.

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