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Beykpour Provides An Honest Answer Despite The Mounting Pressure For An Edit Button

Twitter Inc’s (NYSE:TWTR) promotion of the Periscope Co-founder Kayvon Beykpour to head its product wasn’t in vain. The leader spoke regarding the issues bothering them in a press conference in San FRANCSISCO.

Kayvon’s Stand

Lately, pressure has been piling up for the company to set in place an edit button. The product leader took advantage of the press briefing to address the matter. Beykpoursaid that users wouldn’t see that button. It is a contentious issue for the company, which needs to strike a balance to satisfy the majority of users. One section of the users expressed significant discomfort regarding the introduction of the button. They believe that the button would result in great confusion in some cases. They think that some tweets would eventually be edited to bear misleading or contradictory information.

According to the leader, the company had quite a lot to focus on, and the button wasn’t at the top of its priorities. However, he recognized that there was a need to put it in place. He promised that at some point, they would be considering the request and urged users to be patient as they work to improvize the product.

Introduction of a new feature

Beykpour said that he found it necessary to provide an honest answer despite the associated risks factors. However, promised them that they would meantime introduce a useful feature. This would help users with the correction of typos. Asides this, it would also clarify whatever these users needed to say.

The Company’s CEO Jack Dorsey has been holding talks with several celebrities. These icons have been mounting a lot of pressure on him to push for the introduction of the edit button. They say that many at times, need arises for them to want to alter the text of their original tweets. Whatever way the CEO chooses to go is something we just have to wait and see.

Sometime back, Twitter disclosed that it was embarking on a new and interesting project. Through the project, users will be able to follow their particular areas on interest.

It will be a new dawn for users who will follow topics the same way they follow the ordinary accounts.

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