Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:ABX) is primarily involved in the manufacturing and sale of gold but the company also has its hands into mine development and exploration. The company also has operations for copper manufacturing most of which comes from Zaldivar and Lumwana mines. It also has a major role to play in the mining and production of nickel which is scattered across Africa. One of the reasons why the company has such a good reputation is because of the fact that it has so many operations and services to offer. The question however is whether all these operations are really giving the company as much revenue and also reflecting on the share values in the markers?

Most recent estimates of ABX’s high and lows show that the corporation has made a lot of improvements that were expected to come in its future, this is also a source of pride for ABX. The estimated mean for Quarter Ending December is around $3014.74 million, the estimated high and low for this quarter stand at $3208.40 million and $2868.59 million respectively. For the Quarter Ending March 2014, the estimated mean is at $2930.57 million with low at $2748 million and high at $3169 million.

The estimated earnings per share for the Quarter that ends in December 2013 have a mean $0.52, the high is at $0.65 and the low at $0.41. For the Quarter ending of March 2014, we have a mean of $0.56, a low at $0.45 and the high at $0.75. The P/E high that the ABX have been riding for the last 5 years is really an impressive feat, ratios of 36.48:68.39:34.17 for the company, industry and the sector. This is one of the many reasons why ABX holds its head high and stands tall.