Long Term Growth Shopping Lists Should include Apparel Stocks with Big Stories (NKE, FBCD, SKX, LULU, SFIX, FTCH, TJX, TGT)

The bear is growling angry right now on Wall Street, but that’s when savvy investors should be busy making shopping lists to pick up exposure to long-term growth opportunities currently on sale. Every time this happens – the blood flows on the Street – most market participants make the mistake of getting swept up in […]

How Decentralized Healthcare Could Spawn Coming Boom in Medical Device Stocks (ECOR, EMED, NVCR, MDT, ZYXI, TIVC, ZBH, ISRG)

One group stands out as an interesting and potentially dramatically undervalued area of the market in the wake of the pandemic and its historical footprint: Medical device stocks. The healthcare system has been forever changed by the pandemic, which accelerated several core healthcare industry trends that were already poised to become important at some point […]

Why Cannabis Stocks Stand Out as Speculative Opportunity for New Growth Investment Flows (SNDL, SGMD, VFF, TCNNF, GRWG, IIPR, TLRY, MJ, AKAN)

Growth stocks have been on sale. For investors, the current bear market context could represent a defining opportunity for the years ahead. Rising interest rates, geopolitical angst, and bearish investor sentiment have conspired to shake out weak hands across the market in some of the themes that have been crowded with bullish speculators over recent […]

Medical Device Stocks in Sweet Spot as Correction Creates Historic Opportunity (MDT, EMED, ZYXI, ECOR, NVCR, TIVC, ZBH, ISRG)

One positive spin we can put on the “great growth stock bear market of 2022” – which, let’s face it, is what we are dealing with so far this year – is the value being created for future portfolio returns. We have seen indiscriminate selling in many high-growth areas of the market over the first […]


While you may not hear about it constantly anymore, the marketplace for non-fungible tokens continue to grow. A research piece out this week from JPMorgan analysts sizes the global NFT market as worth more than $41 billion. That follows similar numbers from Bloomberg last month. The party around NFTs exploded onto the scene last year, […]

Investing in the World’s Most Important Technology… the Power Grid (CEI, ETN, VKIN, WWD, NGG, CLSK, IESC, CGRN, OPTT)

The electric grid is probably the most important piece of infrastructure we have. At base, it’s a network that connects nearly 10,000 power producing units covering well over a half million miles of power transmission lines across the United States. Every piece of that puzzle is critical to maintaining daily life – powering how every […]

2022 Could be a Banner Year for Biotech Stocks as per top managers (SPRC, HOTH, NLSP, PSTV, IMMX, GNPX, NRBO)

2021 was a year to be easily forgotten for biotech stocks. The S&P 500 climbed 26.9%. However, SPDR S&P Biotech exchange-traded fund dropped 20.5%. Looks like 2022 will be “THE” year for biotech sector. In a recent note from Piper Sandler analyst Christopher Raymond and his colleagues, Raymond said that he recommended “selective buying” of […]

Breaking: Stocks Running on Virus Testing News (TMO, ALST, LH)

Yesterday was a rough day for risk assets after Germany announced an Easter lockdown to avoid a new acceleration in Covid-19 cases and deaths. The measures are a response to recent worrying signs of trouble in the EU in terms of vaccine distribution. New variants and unexpected case increases have everyone back on alert. In […]

Bitcoin Roller Coaster Continues, Mimicking Path of Cannabis

A few years ago, Bitcoin was an afterthought (or a non-thought) to most on Wall Street.  It was so poorly understood that plenty of traders couldn’t even tell you the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain, the digital ledger technology serving as the heartbeat of cryptocurrencies. Most analysts were bearish, deriding crypto in saying there was […]

Himax Technologies, Inc. (ADR)(NASDAQ:HIMX) Meets Q3 2017 Revenue

Himax Technologies, Inc. (ADR)(NASDAQ:HIMX) issued its financial report for the third quarter closed September 30, 2017. The firm’s Q3 2017 revenue and GAAP earnings/diluted ADS was recorded at high end of projection while non-GAAP earnings/diluted ADS and gross margin both surpassed the projection. The details Jordan Wu, the CEO and President of Himax, expressed that […]

Geron Corporation (NASDAQ:GERN) Reports Fast Track Designation For Imetelstat Targeting Lower Risk Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Geron Corporation (NASDAQ:GERN) reported that the U.S. FDA has granted Fast Track designation to imetelstat for the prospective treatment of adult people with transfusion-dependent anemia following low or Intermediate-1 risk MDS who are non-del and who are resistant or refractory to treatment with an ESA. Imetelstat marks as a telomerase inhibitor initially advanced by Geron […]

Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:SGYP) Showcases Results From trial Examining Patient and Physician Experiences And Perceptions With IBS-C

Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:SGYP) reported new findings showcasing the frustration of patients suffering from IBS-C and the viewpoint of healthcare providers who cure these patients. The web questionnaire, intended to advance a better understanding of the attitudes and experiences associated with IBS-C, disclosed numerous patients experienced lost productivity and stress when managing this problem. HCPs […]