Chevron Corporation (NASDAQ: CVX) Expects To Increase Oil Production Output In Venezuela If Sanctions Are Lifted

If the US relaxes sanctions in the midst of a worldwide gasoline shortage, Chevron Corporation’s (NASDAQ: CVX) desire for greater management over the petroleum it generates in Venezuela will aid the driller in increasing output and paying off debt. Chevron to assume control of production and sale of Venezuelan oil According to those with knowledge of […]

Broadcom Inc (NASDAQ: AVGO) Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit From Japanese Electronics Manufacturer Panasonic

In a federal lawsuit filed on Thursday in Texas, Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic sued chipmaker Broadcom Inc (NASDAQ: AVGO). for breaching its rights to a number of computer-tech patents. Panasonic sues Broadcom over patent infringement claims Broadcom rejected the patent catalog of Panasonic Holdings Corp, which the company claimed covered a “wide array” of Broadcom […]

B2 Digital (BTDG) in Focus as Live Sports Stocks Present Opportunity (EDR, DKNG, WWE, MSGS, CHDN, XFCI)

The market has been discounting a major slowdown in the global economy based on central banks having fallen well behind the curve on inflation over the past 12 months – especially the Federal Reserve. Getting behind the curve forces extreme policy shifts on interest rates as inflation spikes. The result, according to Wall Street analysts, […]

This Little Known Cancer Play has been Crushing the Market (ADGI, OTLC, DVAX, PACB, SAVA, NVAX, IMGN, BNTX)

Volatility remains the dominant factor across the equities market, with interest rates rising and growth stocks well underwater so far in 2022. Ground zero for this correction is among “long duration assets”, which includes growth stocks with big hypothetical cash flows down the road but not all that much coming in the door right now. […]

Building a Crypto Stock Portfolio During a Material Correction (RIOT, BLQC, MARA, HIVE, CAN, OSTK, BTBT, SOS)

While volatility continues to define the market and put a dampening effect on sentiment, longer-term investors are seeing major discounts in key risk assets that could define the coming decade. One of the most interesting pullbacks in play is in Bitcoin, which has dropped as much as 52% from its highs in November 2021 – […]

The Next Chapter for the Metaverse Investment Story isn’t about Tech Stocks (BURBY, BTDG, RL, ADSK, QCOM, TCEHY, RBLX, NVDA)

The metaverse theme has been largely a technology investing theme thus far. But the next chapter for market participants is likely to be more about key first movers in other sectors building a footprint in the virtual universe to add a new channel of access and further monetize their IP and operations. In other words, […]

3 Metaverse Small Caps Still Flying Under the Radar (MTTR, BTDG, IMMR, RBLX, NVDA, FB, METV)

JPMorgan put out a lengthy research piece this month called “Opportunities in the metaverse”, making the case, basically, that the cost of being left behind by not developing a metaverse strategy would likely become far greater than the risks involved in participating for most businesses and investors. As noted in the piece, “We are not […]

Is the next Green Wave underway in Pot Stocks? (TLRY, ECGI, SNDL, VFF, GRWG, IIPR, CRON, MSOS, ARKK)

The market has been volatile over the past few weeks by any measure. Plenty of growth names have wilted in the heat of that tension, with growth investors taking it on the chin on a regular basis. But one group has been bucking the pressure and powering higher, perhaps under the radar for most market […]

Why it may be Time to Buy the Dip in Sustainability Stocks (NEE, VKIN, STEM, QS, BE, FSLR, FAN, TAN, CEI)

The sustainability movement is likely to be the most important investment theme over the next ten years. The transition away from fossil fuels is going to be expensive, and it’s likely to drive further inflationary pressure. But it’s necessary, and the vast majority of Wall Street firms and younger investors are already aligned with this […]

Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) Engineer Reveals How They Made Over $1 Million in Total Annual Compensation

During the recent ask-me-anything” session via the Blind platform, Alphabet Inc Class C’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) director of engineering stated that employees earned $1.5 million in total compensation. The engineer gained experience working for big software companies such as Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) and PayPal Holdings Inc (NYSE: PYPL). In addition, he shared how Google recruited […]

Investors Focus on Top Metaverse Plays as New Year Gets in Gear (U, EPAZ, RBLX, MTTR, MMAT, FB, META, NVDA)

The investing landscape for 2022 is uncertain, as we have seen over recent days. The year has started with selling driven by rising interest rates, which poses a duration risk for large low-turnover funds holding growth stocks that may not pay off for years into the future in terms of discounted cash flows. However, there’s […]

PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL) Plans to Launch a Stablecoin

PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL) explores a stablecoin and plans to work closely with the relevant authorities to create the cryptocurrency. In addition, the Company has extended its reach into the industry in the previous years. For example, the Company included the checkout with Crypto feature on its platform, allowing users to purchase digital tokens.  […]

Canadian Biotech Disruptor Lexston Life Sciences is unlocking the God Molecule (LEXTF, ICPT, AKBA, QURE, BNTX, SAVA)

Investors were all spooked today with Dow plummeting more than 500 points. The primary cause can be attributed to inflation fears, disappointing earnings, and booming bond yields. Tech stocks drove the Dow down with the NASDAQ skidding 2.6 percent and the S&P 500 index falling 1.8 percent. The Dow closed down 1.5 percent. With the […]

Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) Announces Expansion in Texas After Leasing Office Space

Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) has leased a 589,000 square foot space to mark its expansion in Texas. The space will take up half of Sixth and Guadalupe, a 66 story building to open in 2023. Meta will also hire 400 people to add to its 2000 Texas employees. The head of Meta’s office in […]