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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) To Pay $3 Million For News Headlines On New News Tab

For years, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has refuted claims that it is expanding its footprint into the media business.  Going by things on the ground, things could be different. The giant networking company is in the process of launching a new news tab that will focusing purely on trustworthy news only. The new news tab will […]

Medicine Man Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDCL) Enters Agreement To Acquire Five Dispensaries Operating Under Starbuds

On Tuesday, Medicine Man Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDCL) announced that it had reached an agreement to purchase five cannabis dispensaries from Starbuds in Colorado. This will increase the company’s retail footprint and regional coverage in Colorado. Dispensaries to cost $31 million : According to terms of the agreement, the dispensaries will cost around $31 million in […]

Junior Miner Osceola Gold (OTC:OSCI) Readies for Full Scale Production with Nearly $4B in Reserves

Junior Miner Osceola Gold (OTC: OSCI) Readies for Full Scale Production with Nearly $4B in Reserves Fully permitted mine with equipment mobilized and imminent operations World ranked junior miner with highest quality ore of 15 g/t $3.93 billion in reserves Grossly undervalued – tenth of reserves represents $.56/share Low floater This is a cute TRUE […]

China Goes For Music and Podcast Apps in the Latest Round of Online Crackdown

Access to 26 podcast and music apps in China just got restricted after they disappeared from smartphone stores, local media report. As per the reports, the streaming apps were terminated by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC). Historical nihilism and pornography The official communication by the government agency says that the action was taken against […]

Microsoft Warns Its 800M Windows 10 Users Of A Bug Causing Problems

In recent weeks Windows 10 has been hit with a number of issues with partners contributing to making the situation even worse. It, however, seems that there is a new Windows 10 warning with details of the failure behind it which is being blamed on Microsoft. A bug causing problems to Windows 10 introduced “by […]

BitMEX Ventures Offers Capital To Philippine Digital Asset Exchange

BitMEX Ventures reported that it has put funds in Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX). This investment will allow the cryptocurrency exchange to establish a marketplace for digital assets. It is intending to provide trading in real estate equities, debt securities, and tokenized commodities. The cryptocurrency exchange, which is licensed by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, provides […]

QBioMed (QBIO): Counter Punching Glaucoma with Powerful Combinations

May 15, 2019 –, the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to covering the biotech industry, announces the publication of an article covering QBioMed (QBIO) who is counter punching glaucoma with powerful combinations combating one of the leading causes of vision loss worldwide and the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Glaucoma is […]

Puration Gives Kali-Extracts Props for Role in Reaching $1 Million Milestone

On April 16, Puration (OTCPK:PURA) announced topping the $1.0 million mark in revenue for 2018, reporting $1.2 million in sales and more than $500,000 in net profit.  In providing some insight to the year and outlook going forward, the Texas-based maker of cannabis beverages this week took a moment to recognize Kali-Extracts (OTCPK:KALY), the company […]

Excitement Builds in the Global Conglomerate Space (MMM, IVST, UTX)

IAs the market continues to pick up steam and reassert the big bad bull in manifest form, investors are left with the task of splicing the market into useful opportunities. One group that hasn’t received sufficient focus is the conglomerates. Today, we look at three stocks in the group with strong potential for investor gains: […]

Why a Potential IVST Breakout Deserves a Close Look

Diversification is important. It’s a fundamental element of successful investing. But it’s rare to find high-growth small market cap companies that represent diversification in business model. However, that’s exactly what we have today with IVST. The company is involved in Biotechnology & Health Services and Construction & Building Materials, and just partnered with the #4 […]

Technicals and Fundamentals Come Together Right Now in Water Now Inc. (OTCMKTS: WTNW)

Two of the most dramatic growth opportunities over the next decade according to a number of major fund managers are in oil and water. The two aren’t supposed to mix well, but they do when it comes to industrial processes and investment portfolios. The world is heading toward being badly short of both. And one […]

China’s Magazine ‘Technology Life’ Embraces Bitcoin Subscription Payments

Technology Life is one of the oldest magazines in China. The magazine says that from next year it will start accepting bitcoin subscription payments. Technology life becomes the first media organization in this republic to take such a bold move. A close outlook into the matter The latest development is a clear sign that indeed […]

Apple Macs And Amateur Cryptojackers Pop Up As The Two Mining Malware Trends This Year

The 8,500 percent increase in cryptojacking that was witnessed the previous year was alarming. Symantec made the publication of the figures in March and experts in the area have made projections outlining that matters might even get worse in 2018. Cyber Threat Alliance has been following the latest developments and has eventually given its report. […]

Bitconnect Promoters’ Woes Deepen As Two Us States Request Property Seizures

Bitconnect is a classic example of a “grace to grass” story. The cryptocurrency lending investment platform had one of the best runs in 2017 where it was the best performing. However, Bitconnect promoters’ woes deepened early this year with a “cease and desist order” from Texas Securities Board. This came after several calls for investigations […]