NBIO Shares in Focus as Biotech Leads Growth Rebound

The Biotechnology space has been hammered this year along with growth technology stocks as fund managers follow the historical playbook on rising rates – higher risk-free returns from fixed income instruments pulls investor duration forward, which means money flows from stocks that have a great long-term story but aren’t really producing much cash from operations […]

Anxiety Around Policy Dominates Sentiment to Kick Off Key Market Week

Last week’s FOMC meeting set off another round of selling in risk assets as investors finally seem to have accepted the notion that this is a hawkish Fed. Chair Jay Powell hammered that point home repeatedly, reminding investors and analysts that price stability takes strong precedence over growth when the two may be at odds, […]

Top Picks in the Resurgent Cannabis Stock Space (TLRY, SGMD, SNDL, GRWG, TCCNF, CRLBF, CRON, OGI)

Stocks have picked up a more speculative vibe once again, ever since the deeply red sentiment low cemented into place for the broad indices in mid-June. At that time, we saw sentiment readings that were as or more bearish than at the lows of the global financial crisis in 2008, according to data from the […]

Top Medical Device Biotech Growth Stocks Catch Fire (SWAV, EMED, IRTC, MDT, ZYXI, ECOR, NVCR, TIVC, ZBH, ISRG)

After posting the worst first half of any year since 1970 (1), the stock market has come roaring back to life in Q3, with technology and risk bets leading the way following Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s signal at the July FOMC meeting of a possible shift in policy bearing. (2) The Fed believes it is […]

Cannabis Stocks Deeply Oversold with Big Growth Ahead (TLRY, SGMD, OGI, CRLBF, CURLF, GTBIF, TCNNF, VFF)

Cannabis stocks have been one of the hardest hit groups in the market in 2022. Many stocks in the group have recently sunk below their pandemic lows recorded in March 2020, while the broad stock market remains up by over 75%. (1) In short, the cannabis space has been left for dead. And yet the […]

Two Stocks for the Unique Boom Opportunity in the Fashion Space (FBCD, FTCH, NKE, SKX, LULU, SFIX, TJX, TGT)

As LA Market Week gets set to kick off for fashion brands this weekend (1), major brands could see some extra focus. This is a critical time for fashion brands because apparel is actually emerging as an unlikely growth market opportunity due to the reopening dynamic in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. (2) […]

Stocks Poised to Draw Attention as Sustainability Favorites Ahead (NEE, BLQC, ENPH, FSLR, RUN, GE, TSLA, STEM)

As growth stocks pull back in 2022, investors face what could be a defining long-term investment opportunity (1). When the streets run red with the blood of panic, savvy market participants encounter their most important opportunities (2). While the S&P isn’t down all that much, high-growth stocks have been disproportionately hit. One of the epicenters […]

Can AppTech Payments Corp Quickly Become the Next Fintech Giant

AppTech Payments Corp (NASDAQ:APCX) is developing a modular and highly scalable and secure Fintech platform that is set to fuel the future of commerce. AppTech’s proprietary software provides progressive and adaptable products through a suite of synergistic offerings directly to merchants, banking institutions and business enterprises. The platform drives B2B, B2C and P2P capabilities in […]

A Look at Top Recession-Proof Stocks in the Alcohol Space (DEO, KEGS, STZ, BF.B, SAM, TAP, LVMUY)

As noted by major Wall Street houses of late, the odds of a US (and possibly global) recession have jumped over recent weeks as the Federal Reserve makes plain its plans to undermine aggregate demand through monetary policy tightening to ultimately battle the inflation genie, which appears to have escaped the bottle over the past […]

Top Cannabis Ideas as Pot Stocks Become Deep Value Investment Theme (TLRY, NNRX, ACB, GRWG, SNDL, CGC, CRON, MSOS)

The recession shade is casting a pall over the US equities market over recent weeks (1). More Wall Street houses are starting to get behind this critical analytic position as outlooks gray for economic titans like Walmart, Target, and Cisco over recent days due to continued supply chain issues, rising inflationary pressure, and tightening monetary […]