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Network-1 Security Solutions Rallies, Solid Stock Performance Continues In 2012

Network-1 Security Solutions (OTC: NSSI) rose 1.54% yesterday, continuing its solid performance in 2012. The stock opened with a share price of $1.30, which mirrors the prior day’s closing price, and closed at $1.32 after a breezy day of trading. In a market full of volatility, Network-1 Security Solutions is one of the few that […]

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Climbs Higher

Shares of ImmunoCellular Therapeutics (OTC: IMUC) staged a huge rally in today’s over-the-counter market.  The small cap stock closed today’s trading session at $3.71 or 13.11% than yesterday’s closing price, with volume up from daily average of 386,695 to 1.91 million. At one point during the day shares of ImmunoCellular Therapeutics peaked at $4.00, which […]

MiMedx Group Rises While Domestic Stocks Tally Mild Losses

Domestic stocks retreated today, led by a tech-sector drop and the NASDAQ shaving off -0.38%. Meanwhile, MiMedx Group (OTC: MDXG) rose 16% in over-the-counter trading. The recent volatility of domestic stocks has been attributed to the global effects of the European market, but over-the-counter trading is typically not affected by macro concerns. While Europe stays […]

Carbon Sciences Declines While Facebook’s IPO Troubles Continue

Facebook stock (NASDAQ: FB) cannot seem to stay out of the headlines due to its IPO drama, while Carbon Sciences (OTC: CABN) declined a conservative 1.61% in today’s over-the-counter trading. Domestic stocks did not start the trading session very smoothly, but closed mostly flat, while NASDAQ indices had minor total gains when compared to Tuesday’s […]

Life Vantage Rises in Market Rebound While Facebook Shares Tumble Below IPO Price

As Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) stock fell well below its IPO price of $38 (making nasty headlines on social media) today, Life Vantage (OTC: LFVN) rose 3.16%. Overall, U.S. stocks rebounded today to relieve one of their worst-performing weeks this year: Dow Jones Industrial Average: +1.09%, rising 135.40 points to 12,504.78 Nasdaq Composite: +2.46%, rising 68.42 […]

DoMark International Rallies While Investors Cry Over Facebook IPO

As Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) continues to make headlines due to its disappointing share price performance, a smaller social media company rallied in counterbalance: DoMark International (OTC: DOMK). The company rallied 2.86% today as domestic stocks started the trading session strong today, although their rebound was short-lived under selling pressure that overcame the rally later in the […]

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