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Neuralstem Retraces Gains After ALS Surgery Success

Neuralstem (AMEX: CUR) has gained considerable ground from its capital offering at $0.40 last month, but shares have nevertheless backed off considerably from their highs of $1.96. As of Friday’s close, Neuralstem was trading at $1.26, valuing the company at a market capitalization of $68 million. After announcing a special placement at $0.40, Neuralstem completed […]

LiqTech International Rallies: Will It Climb Back?

LiqTech International (LIQT) rose by 1.66% yesterday, continuing its recent rally. Still, there is a long way to go for its full recovery. LiqTech International opened yesterday’s over-the-counter trading at a share price of $2.50, which was higher than its previous closing price of $2.41. The opening price was unfortunately its intraday high. The intraday […]

Independence Energy (IDNG) Reaches New High, Electrifies The International Community

As trading came to a close on June 6th, Independence Energy (IDNG) celebrated a new personal high, reaching $3.24, an impressive 8.36% higher than the prior day. Considering where the company was nearly a month ago, this increase is even more incredible. It was only May 15th when the company completed an additional round of […]

Great Wall Builders’ Claim to Fame May be a Clever Advertising Ploy (GWBU)

Investors are looking hard at Great Wall Builders (OTC: GWBU). The stock traded to all-time highs as it neared a heavily-advertised $2.00 price level. Today’s move was impressive, quickly climbing to the $1.82 mark during the early afternoon hours and more is expected over the next few days. Up yesterday from its $1.20 mark, Great […]

The Vanguard Minerals’ Quick Rise: Just a Ploy or a Real Find? (VNGM)

Vanguard Minerals (OTC: VNGM) traded unusually heavy today. As other mineral companies like Uranium Resources (NASDAQ: URRE) or Millenium Energy (NASDAQ: MLME) made it through today’s trading session with no significant gains or losses, Vanguard Minerals seemed to find financial favor with Wall Street today. Vanguard Minerals closed up almost 9% higher than its prior close. Throughout the […]

U.S. Highland Rocks the Financial Market Like the Motorcycle World

Shares of U.S. Highland (OTC: UHLN) rocketed higher on Tuesday, along with the entire motorcycle sector, including Harley Davidson (NYSE: HOG). U.S. Highland seems to be gaining favor recently with American motorcycle racers and big motor manufacturers, which may be related to its significant rise in share price. Unlike Harley Davidson’s relatively stable growth of 4.5% over the […]

Why Preventia Could Be Best for the Mental Health of Financial Analysts

Preventia (OTC: PVTA) is competing with other big-ticker stocks such as RIMM (NASDAQ: RIMM) or AirMedia (NASDAQ: AMCN). Currently, this small developmental company is sitting at an all-time 52-week high of about $3.00, a price significantly higher than its $0.13 opening price during the month of February. This new $3.00 high may not seem astoundingly high, […]

SembCorp Industries Trades Unusually High Volume (SCIL)

Temperatures are high and patience is thing in the market as the Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) IPO battle rages on. While investors focus on the social media sector, SembCorp (SCIL) Industries investors struck a unique trading with a recent announcement of a $337.8 million approval to cater for an industrial park in Vietnam with a 1,200-megawatt […]

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