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DROP (Fuse Science) Did Just That Yesterday, Lights Up For a 14% Gain Today (DROP)

On Monday, Fuse Science welcomed Juan Bautista as its newest addition to the Powered by Fuse™ team. Its last two days of trading then went to resemble Bautista’s performance in Monday’s MLB Home Run Derby, albeit in reverse. In the last 30 minutes of Wednesday’s trading, Fuse Science dropped nearly 14% closing at $0.192. Today, […]

First Corp Completes its First Million Dollar Investment in Gecko Landmarks, Gains 75% (FSTC)

First Corp (OTC: FSTC) until today was a bit of a mystery and quite forgettable if you weren’t familiar with its mission, past dealings or its intended direction. Prior to today, First Corp concentrated its efforts on organization and raising capital. Unless you spend a fair amount of time checking stock promotion websites, you would have […]

Blackwater, Not That One, Gains 15% on Acquisition Announcement (BWMS)

While not a done deal, Blackwater Midstream, (OTC:BWMS) a third party holder and manager of chemical, agricultural, and petroleum liquids, advised its shareholders to approve its acquisition by ArcLight Capial Partners. ArcLight is a privately held equity investment firm specializing in energy concerns. The deal, once consummated and finalized, will involve just over $44 million […]

Augme Technologies Looks to Finish Its Dismal June with Another Dismal Day, Down 13% (AUGT)

To look at Augme’s year-to-date trading record is to envision a young Ansel Adams’ first views of Yosemite. The craggy, peak and valley filled chart, that is Augme’s YTD volatility, is to glance at the majesty of a mountain range captured by a Horatio-Alge-filled westward bound mind. Augme (OTC:AUGT) may not merit attention if not […]

Que Paso con esta Compania de Bebidas?, Bebida Beverage Co. Rises Circa de 70% Hoy. (BBDA)

To translate, Bebida (Spanish for “drink”) Beverage Co. (OTC: BBDA) surged to a 68.8% gain at the market bell and the stroke of halftime between Spain and Portugal this afternoon. For those watching the scoreless first half, it was tough to see the result going in a different direction. A direction that would be contrary […]

NOVA Lifestyles Grabs an Allen Wrench and Builds an 18.5% Gain, Dining Room Set (STVS)

Buying IKEA furniture is often a sign of having enough money to be reasonably tasteful, but not having the time to develop your own taste, nor having the money to simply buy exquisite taste. Supplying IKEA, however, is a sign of an up-and-coming supplier of the modular, and today’s trading numbers reflect that. Pun intended, […]

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, Nobody Wants to Die. Implant Sciences Corp Rises 15% on News of New Expert Advisor (IMSC)

It’s a rare occasion that quoting Bob Marley makes sense in the real world, or at least outside of hostels full of kids with stars in their eyes, and the simple “best of” album released as Legend. The United States, as well as other countries prior to 9/11 of course, used to fear nothing. Now […]

Friday’s Trading Advises E-Waste Systems with a “Steve Manning? Meh..”, and 40% Loss (EWSI)

On Thursday, London based E-Waste Systems (OTC: EWSI) announced that Steve Manning would be joining its advisory board. After a steady morning of trading, this afternoon saw E-Waste begin a descent into a Carrollian sized rabbit hole, finishing the day down nearly 40%. This is not to say that Mr. Manning is wholly responsible for […]

Hip, Hip, Hurrah and Yippy Skippy; Gains Nearly 58% Following Monday’s Trading (YIPI), or Yippy (OTC: YIPI), announced last Friday that they would be merging with MuseGlobal sometime later this year. While the announcement wasn’t reflected in Friday’s trading, a quick glance at today’s numbers shows that the companies involved are regarded by many traders and market insiders to be top-to-bottom synergistic. Here’s something that we haven’t often seen […]

Global Gaming Network Isn’t Playing Around, A Daily Gain Of 63.16% That Makes Nerds Masturbate…Even More. (GBGM)

Headline aside, Global Gaming (OTC: GBGM) doesn’t offer opportunities for parents to have cameras shoved in their faces to explain their children’s efforts to seize world headlines, while shooting up classmates based on their “go to your room behaviors” and wearing anti-HALO III’s. Rather, based on an open letter from the CEO, Stephen Kern, Friday’s […]