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Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:AUPH) Closes A Licensing Deal With Merck & Co., Inc (NYSE:MRK)

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:AUPH) has today moved forward to make an announcement regarding its signing up into some definitive agreement where it was expected to grant Merck & Co., Inc (NYSE:MRK), which is commonly referred to as MSD Animal Health beyond borders of the United States and Canada as well with the full rights to commercialize Aurinia’s patented nanomicellar voclosporin ophthalmic solution (VOS).

This particular form of medication was going to play a significant role towards facing out the dry eye syndrome in dogs. According to the set terms of this particular agreement, Aurinia was as a matter of fact set to receive an upfront payment and still in the same line, it was obtain further payments based on a number of sales milestones as well as sales.

In addition, Aurinia was to receive royalties in line with the global product sales. According to some close sources, Merck Animal Health will as a matter of fact be held accountable for the remaining section of the clinical commercialization as well as the development of the VOS for use in the animal health field. Aurinia will indeed retain the full human health rights.

According to one of the senior executives working with the provider, the parties will have to share in the final work product as well as in any other technical knowledge that may show up in the course of the new collaboration.

The Chief Medical Officer of Aurinia, Neil Solomons said, “Completed preclinical and human Phase Ib studies using Aurinia’s nanomicellar VOS formulation have indicated encouraging results in terms of delivery of active drug to the target tissues of the eye. The nanomicellar formulation enables high concentrations of voclosporin to be redirected into a preservative-free solution for local delivery to the ocular surface. This has done much towards potentially improving efficacy, dosing frequency as well as the tolerability versus the current treatments for dry eye syndrome. We are delighted about the potential for topical ocular administration of voclosporin utilizing this amazing and proprietary nanomicellar drug delivery technology.”

Aurinia looks forward to explore options that will help it create value with its proprietary nanomicellar ocular formulation of voclosporin in the human health. Whatever comes from that is something that we can’t speculate.

Published by Flavia Carruth

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