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Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ:ATML) Starts Shipment Of Lowest Power Bluetooth Smart Solution

Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ:ATML) recently announced that it started shipping the latest Bluetooth Smart solution, capable of offering smallest footprint and consuming least power. With this, the leading touch-solutions and microcontroller provider tried to overhaul the bluetooth market and more importantly, its own portfolio.

The latest Bluetooth device

This is the Bluetooth model BTLC1000, which consumes minimal power. It comes with power-packed features of Atmel, such as Bluetooth transceiver and already-imbibed Atmel MCU. The company claims that it is the Bluetooth SoC or SMART system-on-a-chip device that can be utilized in the form of BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy link controller. The only condition is that you need to align it with SMART MCU or any other Atmel AVR.

Atmel Corporation has launched this device as support equipment for a range of other applications, such as human interface devices, mobile devices and the beacons used in vehicles. This Bluetooth is a standalone applications processor that comes equipped with external memory and integrated BLE connectivity.

Advantages offered by the device

This is the lowest powered Bluetooth device offered by any company. With this Atmel Corporation has tried to revitalize the market in accordance with the present needs of customers, while also ensuring the minimal use of power consumption. A battery life that is commendable and power efficiency is all that this device offers to the users.

The reason it is different from others in the industry is because Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ:ATML) has launched it as a latest and one of its kind product that pushes the space constrained areas. Also, it is a compact and tinier device, much better than what is already available in the market. Basically, this is the company’s bet on a product that is based on latest technology, customer needs and environmental concerns. Moreover, it will facilitate the users to experience amazing apps, as far as the wearable devices are concerned.

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