The stock of Argos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:ARGS) closed at $0.20 losing 3.85% in yesterday’s trading session. This provider today made a report outlining that for the first time a patient in the ongoing Phase 2 HIV eradication trial was dosed with AGS-004 dendritic cell therapy. It was developed utilizing RNA antigens from the patient’s latent viral reservoir in the University of North Carolina (UNC), and the product is expected to inspire hope to a large number of patients globally.

To the best understanding of the business giant, this also shows up the first instance that a HIV patient in a clinical trial conducted in the United States will be utilizing the RNA antigens from the patient’s latent viral reservoir.

The latent viral reservoir is made up of a wide range of infected immune cells. The fact that the HIV virus is dormant ends up hiding it from the attacks launched by the immune system. Argos is currently spearheading an investigator-initiated clinical trial combining vorinostat, the latency-reversing agent with AGS-004.The Professor of Medicine at the University of North Carolina, David Margolis has been one of the major players in this particular trial.

This trial is specifically cut out to put to test the hypothesis that boosting antiviral immunity with the active immunotherapy- AGS-004 in helping effectively eradicate the virus in this case scenario. The trial operates around the concept of sparking the large number of T cells in setting up the fight against the HIV-infected cells. Experts insist that the latency reversing drug will bear remarkable capabilities when it comes to exposing the virus in the latently infected cells associated with the human immune system.

Chief Scientific Officer of Argos, Charles Nicolette opined, “We believe that the new manufacturing process may allow AGS-004 to generate immune responses that are much better matched to the viral variants that will emerge during latency reversal with vorinostat treatment and, therefore, maximize the opportunity for viral clearance.”

He added that the strategy in a major way undermined the need for eligible patients to have archived infectious plasma prior to the initiation of anti-retroviral medication.