Ardents And Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Unveil A New Blockchain-Based Supply Chain System

It was today that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) disclosed that it was partnering with Ardents which is a supply tracking solutions provider. The two are seeking to develop a new product tracking platform using artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

Ardents NovaTrack

The Ardents NovaTrack is the name of the new blockchain solution and its presentation was made in Paris at the Viva Tech 2018.

The best thing about the system lies in the fact that it pulls along with an end-to-end traceability and visibility. That is from the point of origin along the entire Supply chain and as a result the various users are in a position to trace particular products within a case.

One of the officials stated that the product had had been initially designed for the pharmaceutical industry and the main objective was to stage a fight against copies of drugs. However, there are reports that the developers are focusing on a number of the high-value industries.

Christophe Devins’s perspective

The founder and CEO of Adents Christophe Devins  believes that the  move to partner with Microsoft will eventually result in a game-changing blockchain based unit identification  that will be for the good of quite a significant number of industries from around the globe.

He went a step further to talk about the successes as well as the deep roots in traceability and serialization that they had witnessed as a result of the Microsoft Azure Cloud technology. Devins believes the clients will be quite pleased by the secure product authenticity and the increased transparency all along the supply chain.

The overwhelming reliance on technologies such as AI, IoT , blockchain  and serialization functions are crucial when it comes to the operation of the Ardents NovaTrack. Microsoft Learning and Business Intelligence is the one that provides AI.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has disclosed that about 2.5 percent of global imports and almost 10 percent of pharmaceutical products are usually counterfeit.

Swissport, a Swiss airport ground handling and cargo company has announced its plan unveil a blockchain pilot program which will play a huge role in the cargo handling business.

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