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Applied DNA Sciences Reaches a New High, Public Interest Soars (APDN)

For the first time since its creation, Applied DNA Sciences (OTC: APDN) has had a significant gain. For the last two years, the company has stayed consistently around the $0.05 mark, subtly moving up and down with market trends. However, at the end of trading today Applied DNA Sciences rocketed up 10% to $0.10.

This kind of gain by a major science company is generally considered a rare event. However, there has been a significant amount of major scientific breakthroughs during the last year. For example, the scientists at the Large Halidon Collider announced two months ago that they had finally found proof of the Higgs Bosom. Additionally, NASA successfully landed its Mars Rover, Curiosity, onto the Martian surface not even two weeks ago. These kind of scientific breakthroughs are a big deal. They are such a big deal for a variety of reasons; they are big deal because they move scientific progress forward, and they are also a big deal because for the first time in human history people have been able to follow these breakthroughs in real time. People tweeted the moment the Mars rover landed and then were retweeted by the Mars rover itself. The incredibly quick response by the public, via Facebook and Twitter, suggests that people actually care about science.

For companies like Applied DNA Sciences, caring is just the start. In fact, the idea that the bridge between public and science is the smallest it has ever been may explain the recent surge in the company’s share price. Logically, it makes sense. If people start caring more about science, they will begin to want to see and understand more of it. This will cause them to invest more money, which will then create more opportunities for companies to make those breakthroughs. It is a beautiful cycle.

Applied DNA Sciences is a provider of botanical acid, or DNA, that is based in security and authentication solutions. In other words, it creates a special type of acid that can help protect companies and government agencies from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion. Many of the products already created by the company have been used in a variety of industries, including homeland security, textiles and apparel, identity cards and other secure documents.

Take the public’s interest in science and mix it with security concerns, and what is the result? The result is a highly reputable company that has seen immense and consistent success. The result is Applied DNA Sciences. As the world continues to come to grips with itself in the aftermath of the latest financial calamity, people are looking for more and more ways to secure their money. It used to be that banks were the best way to “secure” assets – it used to be. With the banks’ credibility going down the drain after the subprime mortgage fiasco, people are looking for alternative options. They are looking for a new person or institution to trust.

Who better to trust than the scientists?

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