Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) Introduces New Software Update Which Gives Users Freedom to Create Burner Email Addresses

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is back in the news. The group is known for upgrading technology so that users can stay updated with the latest tech developments. According to a news website, the technology giant has recently introduced a new software update that gives users the freedom to create burner email addresses.

The ability to create a burner email address is one of the most sort-after features

One of the most sort-after features of the latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 15, is its ability to allow users to create a burner email address. The particular email has no connection with the individual user’s identity, yet, it can forwards message to the user’s inbox. Thus, burner emails become a perfect option when the user wants to fill up a form online and wishes to have the email address confidential.

Apple Inc describes this as ‘Hide My Mail.’ The group officially announced this feature in June. The part gives users a choice to create as many burner email addresses as required. Then, when the user no longer needs to use them, they can be deleted.

Other features that the latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 15, offer

The latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 15, has privacy features. Users who pay for iCloud storage are automatically eligible to take advantage of this feature. It is learned that users who have paid for iCloud storage can gain access to Hide My Email as it is a part of iCloud+. The company is offering a set of privacy features to its users who have paid for them.

How to get started using the Hide My Mail feature

The essential criteria are that a user must necessarily be signed up to get extra cloud storage. Hide My Mail works with any iCloud subscription. The feature works with the 50GB plan, which costs as low as $0.99 per month. Next, the user must launch the Settings app, following which the Apple identification name must be typed on top of the screen. Hit the iCloud option, and the storage for which the phone is signed up is displayed. Next, the Hide My Email option is selected, and hit the tab which reads Create New Address. A form is displayed which needs to be filled. A burner email address is provided. There is a provision to ask for a unique randomly created burner address.

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