Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) And Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Races To Fill The Gap Created By The Exit Of LG Electronics Inc In South Korea With Aggressive Return Programs For Smartphone

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd are racing to fill in the gap left by LG Electronics Inc in South Korea with lucrative return programs for smartphones. 

According to the communiqué from local telcos such as LG Plus, KT, and SK Telecom, the LG Smartphone users can replace their phone with an iPhone or Galaxy Smartphone and benefit from $135 besides trade-in value. 

Promotional offer 

Apple kept its promotional offer open up to September 25, 2021. The 5G and 4G LG phone users can exchange their phone for an iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 12 at retail stores operated by LG Plus, KT, and SK Telecom. This offer doesn’t apply to Apple resellers and Apple stores.

Samsung will keep the promotional offer open up to the end of June 2021. It permits the exchange of LG 5G and 4G smartphones with its Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S21 series, or Galaxy Note 20 series.

The customers can register for the promotional offer at Himart, a local electronics retailer, the stores operated by the telcos, and Samsung Digital Plaza. Samsung previously offered a similar exchange program for LG phone – V50 ThinQ in April 2021. 

Samsung commands a market share of 65% in the South Korean market, whereas Apple holds a market share of 20%.

According to a communiqué in April 2021, LG will close its mobile business operations by July 31, 2021.

Reports progress

Apple reported progress among its production associates during the coronavirus pandemic. The company incorporated significant changes to reduce code of conduct violations. 

Its 113-page report addresses various issues like energy usage, treatment of workers, policies tackling coronavirus. The company also mentioned issues related to suppliers not complying with its working hour policy. 

Apple stopped specifying addresses of supplier facilities in the contractor list. The company assessed several assemblers and suppliers across 53 nations during the coronavirus pandemic. It also verified the experience of workers to ensure suitability and prevent retaliation. 

Apple conducted assessments at its supplier premises without informing them in advance. In November 2020, Apple terminated its business with Pegatron Corp, an iPhone assembler, after detecting labor violations. 

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