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An Apple a Day Keeps the Sellers Away (DOMK)

If you cannot be the biggest kid on the block, then it helps to tag along with one. The next best thing to being Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is for a company to supply a product to consumers that piggy backs on the success of the technology giant. DoMark International (OTC: DOMK) through its wholly owned subsidiary, SolaWerks, announced the pending release of its updated version of the SolaPad, SolaCase and solar charging system that fits all versions of the Apple iPhone and iPad. The refreshed product line includes features like soft cases. SolaWerks also plans to introduce a new SolaCase to fit the iPhone 5, scheduled for release in the third week of September

Buyers these days jump at the mention of Apple, and they enthusiastically hopped on the DoMark news to grab some shares today. In the first 90 minutes of trading, buyers swamped the sellers, which sent the stock nearly 20 cents higher than the previous day’s closing price of $0.33. After taking a breather to digest their gains and lunch, buyers rushed back in, pushing share prices to the high for the day at $0.65. Traders on both sides refused to budge during the remainder of the trading session and the stock ended the day at $0.65. When the closing bell rang, the stock had racked up a gain of 98%, or a move of 32 cents to the plus side. The 615,000 shares exchanging hands eclipsed the average daily volume by nearly 10 fold.

Since first actively appearing on the trading scene in March, DoMark stock has experienced a dramatic rise and fall. In mid-April, share prices literally rocketed from around $0.50 to a high print so far on the year at $4.88. The ride came to an end in the first week of May. The stock fell over the summer months to a recent low of $0.32. Traders will be scratching their heads over today’s near doubling of price off the bottom. Is the news and stock action enough to keep buyers interested, or was today just a lively dead cat bounce?

In other news, the company announced on June 21, 2102, an exclusive North American marketing agreement between its subsidiary, Muscle Foot, and Barefoot Science that gives DoMark a path into the $223 billion global footwear market and $3.5 billion foot care market. The news, however, could not halt traders from steadily dumping their shares.

Stock promoters maintained their silence on the stock with the last comment coming three months ago. A total of 18 promotions can be viewed on Stockpromoters.com. Silence was not the word on Twitter today. @LivePennyStocks took note of the price action, as did @PennyStocks24.

The company focuses on acquiring existing operating businesses and providing them with management and marketing support. DoMark International has four subsidiaries under its umbrella that include SolaWerks, Muscle Foot, Motivation Advantage and Victory Lane. The Oviedo, Florida, based company was founded in 2006.

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