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AMTD Digital Inc (NYSE: HKD) keeps surging and here’s why

Shares of AMTD Digital Inc (NYSE: HKD) are trading at $392.00 with a gain of over $212.00 (+117.78%). Retail traders seems to be at their best, yet again. While there is no news to justify this surge in share prices today, AMTD Digital Inc. (HKD) IPO represents the second unicorn under AMTD Group Company Limited to be successfully listed on NYSE. Subsequent to the successful listing of AMTD IDEA Group (formerly known as “AMTD International Inc.”) in 2019 being the first Hong Kong home-grown unicorn to successfully list on NYSE at that time. More than 1.35M shares have exchanged hands compared to an average daily volume of 1.26M shares. Shares of HDK have oscillated between 150.01 – 467.04 during the trading session today.

AMTD Digital Inc. is one of the most comprehensive digital solutions platforms in Asia. The Company’s one-stop digital solutions platform operates four main business lines including digital financial services, SpiderNet ecosystem solutions, digital media, content and marketing, as well as digital investments. It is the fusion reactor at the core of the AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem and empowers and integrates the various digital businesses within its ecosystem.

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