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American Manufacturers – Under Armour Inc (NYSE:UAA), Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE), And Fanatics Rush To Supply Protective Medical Gear

Amid rising coronavirus cases and related deaths every day, American manufacturers like Under Armour Inc (NYSE:UAA), Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE), and Fanatics are rushing to meet the urgent need for protective medical gear.

Fanatics make medical masks

The licensed apparel manufacturer for sports leagues – Fanatics has prepared its Easton, Pennsylvania factory to produce gowns and medical masks for hospital staff. The company is manufacturing gowns and medical masks using MLB jersey material. Rachel Levine, Health Secretary of Pennsylvania, said the masks are manufactured using mesh fabric and not N95 protective masks. He said the DIY masks are not suitable.

Michael Rubin, Chairman of Fanatics, said the company stopped the production of MLB jerseys at its Easton facility. He said one hundred employees are working in a safe and clean environment maintaining distance to produce 1 million gowns and masks. The company will donate gowns and masks to the hospitals in Pennsylvania.

Nike to produce face shields for physicians

Nike is collaborating with Oregon Health & Science University to produce face shields for physicians and supply to the hospitals. John Donahoe, Chief Executive Officer of Nike, said the company will extend the necessary support to tide over the coronavirus pandemic by producing protective gear. He said the healthcare professionals at Oregon Health & Science University and its teams are working to extend necessary help. The company will initially focus on the needs of healthcare workers in Oregon.

Under Armour to produce gowns, masks and face shields

Under Armour is collaborating with the University of Maryland Medical System to produce masks, face shields, and gowns. According to a communiqué from Under Armour, it will manufacture and supply over 1,000 face shields, thousands of gowns, and 500,000 masks to the local hospitals.

The US needs 1 million ventilators

The number of deaths in the US is growing day by day. Therefore, the need for medical gear, including ventilators, increases significantly. The nation needs over 1 million ventilators. Lack of PPEs, including hand sanitizers, face shields, gloves, and respirators, is worrisome. President Donald Trump said the nation has several ventilators. But the current situation requires a lot more. The US issues an advisory to its citizens to avoid unnecessary travel and prevent gatherings of more than ten people.

Published by Fiona Gibson

Fiona is a finance graduate and an expert in analyzing market trends.

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